Monday, September 14, 2009

Hands Talking in the Breeze.

0712/1931 81/88 Light Clouds W/5 75%H
DOGS 9664 6878 9982 1642.

Greetings from the Hill.

A noisy morning in paradise,
could this nasty interruption in greed be over,
this two decade pursuit of objects
and other worthless things
demanded by stupid people be back,
"A year later and all is well,"
encourage the CNBC liars,
promoting prosperity
to halfwits,
halfrich as before the Fall,
half a hundred million households
treading water in the dark
illiquid pools of toxic mortgage.

Crap sustained and promoted
to fools seeking fame not profit,
the League of Liars on Fraud Street,
where the bosses
take no losses,
commissions on every tick,
a flag on every stick.

"So Paulson wants his job back
after saving Goldman Sachs,
he spurns the NYFED, no loot,
perhaps Ambassador to China
with the franchise for Asia,
spreading the poison
repeating the disease
and equalizing DEBT,"
laughs the madone.

Barney Frank sputters on CNBC.

The oldman was tired of the hand jobs,
stars of galaxies of power talking shit,
confusion with triple talk,
"Put the sin on spin,
transparency in the blouses
of the Talking Tits."

The noise subsided, the street quiet,
cats fed, roosters silent, doves cooing,
the recession back,
the bigtitted girl parks
her new yellow convertible
walking to work by eleven,
Duval Street still conning tourists.

The President has promised
not to Lie again
and never to children....

on and on these fools repeat
the same silly stories of hope,
"That Big Hope fabricator
who manufactures Obamashit
and spreads 'it' with a smile,
the sinister joker's grin,"
growls the madone,
avoiding the TRUTH.

There is no return from DEBT.

LBO's, the beginning of the pox,
created by the banking pools,
all getting a piece of the action,
too big for one, spread the risk,
then cover the loss with hedge,
spread some derivative sauce
with future orders and threaten
accountants and raters....

"Just like that asshole at Enron,
dumb fucks never change
the Phil Gramm game,
the Texan with the gook wife,
apologees for the war prefabricated
for the understanding electorate
who is but the electoral college,
the school of conspiracy
of an expanding want of better."

"That fucking lying ashole,"
screaming at the silent screen,
knocking over the glass of beer...
drunk again and stoned as well.

Classics from Havana, that CNBC,
regular traffic at noon,
chimes from the west.

Everything is beautiful,
but mankind,
so kindless.

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