Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Supershit Tuesday.

Greetings from the Hill
72/80 Blue skies SE10/15 0708/1813 70%H

Been away from the machine, sick of all the lies,
wrapped crap and syndicated shit and.....
fucking television programs have gone deranged,
one might assume not enough themes and plots
left in the madhouse playbooks but...
the business news, Cramer and Krudlow followed
by baldheaded goatees and a sappy cunt.

One must have to wonder about the minds behind
the talking tits and shiney heads.

The demented producers packaging these urgencies,
first news first, new poles report, from the scene...
the need to know.

"It's all horsefuckingshit, turn the sound off and read,
watch the movements of the actors, thats all they are,
performers on the great american stage of fraud,
no smiles no laughter no joy...greed and worry,
now that makes the suckers buy, gurgle and drool
the sponsors and network owners all one
in the globalized dumbthink of advertising,"
growls the madone pissed with it all,
that fucking mysterious conspiracy of 'it'.

The oldman had been sick for two weeks
slowly regaining his legs before they shriveled
and withered away, he was down to jockey weight
but couldn't ride a horse...he shuffled about
watering plants on the balcony
and tourists on the sidewalk.

The oldindianwoman and her dog had returned
abandoned by billybratbrown, the internet lover
who preyed upon unfulfilled women
and prayed they had money...
this time, neither did..peanutbutter dinners.

Back living in the sitting room
and working on Love Lane for Douglas,
at least not starving or crying.

Some people are arseholes.

"Well, what about 'it', oldfart..
you reading George Washington last night,
he'd have a shit attack..
a halfblack and halfwoman, Hofuckingho,"
mocking the contenders for the office of debt.

"That retarded monkeybrain hit Three Trillion
and a 400B shortfall and during his insane reign
accumulated five more trillion in debt....
doubling what had taken two hundred and twenty years,
think about that when your credit ends,"
growling about the sorryass state of the nation.

Times were bad on the Rock and sales were flat,
"As flat as the Florida Bay in june,"
laughed the flyfisherman turned board peddlar
selling boatslips to braindrips,
just another scam to a fleeing fool
avoiding bankruptcy in Florida.

"See you later, oldman, got four part time jobs,
got to pay for bad habits and past whores,"
leaving some grouper for the oldwoman,
they had sailed in the seventies.

A splendid day in paradise, lovely breeze
from the beach, hazy blue sky, cuckoo trains
full of smiling gawkers, a good tourist day...
the cats watched from the scaffolding,
chimes ringing in the wind, papayas getting fat,
the calm before Change.

"Ten thousand delegates to select the nominees
in a two party system with hardly a difference,
the game too expensive for mavericks
unless a Bloomberg Paul adventure...
the system is rotten and diseased through
bureaucracy, the ultimate payoff...
insurance and pensions plus insurance,"
coughed the oldman still suffering,
the fever had not gone fishing
and the pain would remain.

"Of course there seems to be a dilemma,
these holes in the SIV's and the fake opaque,
insurance brokers and OTC traders who
couldn't seem to 'Mark It' right, my oh my,
that mysterious 'it' invented by a foreigner,
Lance Uggla of CNIBC..thats no US network,
that's a mapleleaf bank coming to take,"
smiles the oldman in irony, the revenge of the Looney.

"CMO bonds are in every government pension fund,
from state to county, even behind city bonds,
toxic debt in commercial paper all to justify
inflated net worth for loans more loans that ended
in waste, baubles and bubbles, gone ..gone..
bullfuckingshit, all short profits waiting for the long term,
these Bulls are saving that sperm for better times,
holding that paper in the vaults like Turner Classics,
financial products alright, smart, very smart,
only certain minds could divine this disaster..
the revenge masters,"
snorted the oldman ready for a walk,
maybe his lastone.

Blue skies and beautiful

High above the Horn

A bit above Cancer.

Don't drive or eat meat.

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