Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Memories, sweet memories in Paradise.

0722/1908 78/84 Blue skies ENE10/20 80%H
DOW 9447 down 508 OIL 89 GOLD 887 SILVER 11.6

Greetings from the Hill.

Blue skies and beautiful unless...
one invests with numbers,
maybe weather derivatives
or other bets on bets.

"Hey, keep 'it' in the bank,
your safe secure local branch."

The oldman deposited his first check
from Capt. Tony for 'a gross' of shirts,
the man had style and gambled
that printed shirts would 'be the thing',
and millions later still are.

Banks just change the signs.

This oversight committee is pathetic,
certainly Waxman suckassing
to the sleezeking Fuld
who emanates boiler room mentality,
the prick hired George Sr to lie,
then dipshit Jeb to peddle toxic bonds
to state pension funds.

These keepers of the public trust
are now taking a break for three months
while the nation goes to hell...
"Hello, hello, is anyone at home
while corrupters seek reelection,
vote every scumball out
and have 'Real Change."

"Credit Default Swaps, my oh my,"
says the black lady, a lawyer as well,
knowing the bet on bets and
insuring the insurance over and over,
"In a Casino Type mentality, Woooeee,"
finally the awareness is being communicated
that chief officers of the companies
were culpible through interbanking,
"Woooee, counterparties and derivatives,"
putting a stain in Fuld's pants.

Who could say, who can say...
forty five years ago and still a dream,
"I have a Dream..."
well, this dream could be
your worst nightmare
when civil rights are lost
by all but the rich one percent.

And overhead small planes approach
an airport incomplete and shamed
where once 727's landed
and times were different...
the natives were not slaves
to a greedy needy daily dollar
enjoying time to enjoy
life in paradise.

Storms would come and go,
before million dollar houses,
not homes for living,
but trim and spin,
the real estate whores with
bed partners in the bank.
"All One Family Together."

Nothing stays the same, times change,
nature has 'its' way and day,
buildings too tall can fall.

A good rain can clean the streets
and chicken shit from a car,
emblazon the poinciannas
and burst a backyard orchid...
island living with
as Frenchy would say,
"The Carribbean Soul."

So the stock market is falling,
room rates or rent won't,
nor will gas or milk or cigarettes.

Don't drive, fart or smoke.

Live beneath your means,
walk to work'
go fishing.

Have fishburger on Sunday.

Life is a breeze
in the florida keys.

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