Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Words to a Dying Dollar.

0718/1913 75/85 Blue Skies SW/5 0%H

DOGS 9574 702 1003 1651.

Greetings from the Hill.

Another month in paradise,

the garden a delightful change,

improvements of love and beauty,

without the buck's derange.

"There was no buck to arrange,"

snides the madone concerned

about the large type

wondering about the glasses.

The oldman was bored with blogging,

overfilled with the deceit of all,

statistics to boggle the mind,

semantics to confuse the brain,

talking tits with white teeth

sounding bossy smart

to emasculated men.

All a great piece of propaganda

to disguise the War of Poverty,

the demise of consumers

and the middle class.

"Replaced by Big Government,

the All Consumer," growls

the madone.

"If GM had kept up with technology,

like the computer industry has,

we would have $25 cars

with 1000 mpg," says Bill,

adding sagely,

"If you can't make it good,

then make 'it' look good."

So much for the richest man

in the world.

The old fart from Omaha

who disdained derivatives

yet holds tens of trillions

claiming to be a five year keeper

of all things American offered,

"If past history was all

there was to the game,

the richest people

would be librarians."

Certainly makes one wonder

who's ideas 'they' steal

and the lawyers protecting

the theft.

The ingenuity of financial engineering.

"This crisis exposed

very significant problems

in the financial system of the US

and other economies...

innovation got too far in front

of the knowledge of risk,"

says Treasurer Timmy,

"Hofuckingho, because of leverage,

like forty and sixty to one, assholes,

Canada at sixteen to one

has avoided the blind risk,"

the madone enjoyed reports.

"Fucking asshole machine."

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