Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blogspot a snot.

Greetings from the Hill.
bXcqnn4m attack?

The mind is overloaded with bullshit,
the continuous crap prevaricated by media,
commentators and journalists afraid
to explain the facts...
pawns of their sponsors who create
the fantasies of free markets
and an honest government,
both trustees of public monies,
schememakers of consumer fantasies,
the middleclass dreams of upperclass illusions,
a fine wardrobe and fancy car
covers a dumb mind...
A gullible brain who borrows his tomorrows
to pretend tonight,
cinderellas with granite countertops,
hardons with Viagra pills.

"A better life for the children,
a finer education and aricher lifestyle,"
my heavens, but wasn't that a fifties dream
that produced dropouts of the sixties
and drugdealers of the seventies,
assholes who made money breaking the law,
bending the law spending
on crooked lawyers.

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