Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blue skies in paradise

2/24/2007 68/78 E10/20 653/626

Greetings from the Hill, another splendid day if not....
perfect, ideal, 60% humidity makes an oldman smile.
Quiet streets with ambling couples enjoying a morning
stroll, the seniors on their midwinter break that makes
the realtors drool, the current breed of parasites who
exploit the island charm.
But who can waste the mind and imagination on the greedy
when there are gardens to trim, plants to water, cats to feed,
floors to sweep and windows to clean.
The oldwoman on top of the Hill informed me that house
values are being based on the number of windows and
the age of the glass, and of course pinus elliotti densa,
if any original wood remains in the structures.....
The wood butchers now remove all the socalled Dade
County pine for custom finishwork.....try and buy it..
one hundred dollars a foot for replacement columns.

Enough of the high price of paradise, the oldman picks
his own bananas and papayas, smokes Buglers, andddd
a fourpak of Miller pints at Faustos is three bucks.
The rest is a busride to Albertsons.

Time for lunch on the balcony and that from the Hill.

1 comment:

madjacks of key west said...

Thats just not the truth and you know it Jack . Peace and quiet on a Sunday in Paradise .... paralice maybe ... stand back they jump 15 feet even in Faustos bad but thats the truth...
You must be under the influence of those 4 Miller girls once again.. could be all 8 of them of course ...
How come you allow Bill to pay the bills late , for Christ sakes man crack a whip ...
15 stairs to go up then back down one way or the other , . . sometimes with a lil help from your friends ... nada la de da da
old native chants ... flow thur the thick summer air ...body mosit from humidity begins to reek with a sour smell ... 50 baths a day some say 50 baths a day...
On to the next adventure in life for me , back to Delaware for a long needed rest from the zannies and sidewalks with lost panties , dragging thur the nights with queens delights a bit of a fright if ya ask me ... but highly entertaining one must muse .
So feed the kitties band the cat lady shady bitch indeed . Water the plants ... as you enjoy the sunrise once again wondering how the hell did I live thur that one again.
Crazy old woman shuffleing about , homeless , hopeless with her sweet lil doggie homeless too . Not meaning to scary the cats away she plans her move soon as to give the old one room to breath room to move about without clutter of her silence ... keep. toss . forgive forget pack n go back to a land she once knew so vey long ago , to do what she dont know , she just knows shes going going gone ... last nights in paradise dreaming of ice tea that stays cool for more than a spit minute . seems to be a lot of split moments in her dear old mind . some want in some want out she just wants to go.
Blue Skys indeed is the only truth told . for the hostile tourist have arrived some by plane some by boats some by autos some by chance. Will she return once again Hi Jack im back , homeless once again ...
She thanks the old poop for keeping her treasures . Its always so hard to say until then . Who knows when my friend . The journey shall never end.