Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blue skies in paradise

Wednesday, july 11, 2007

82/92 , SE 5/10, 645/819.

Greetings from the Hill, another day in paradise,

a lazy day with slow at Faustos

after a walkabout down Duval, trucks and lost

cruiseshippers, victims for the Cookoo Train,

actually very Simonton, water to the

north and south, no traffic.....takes the oldman back.

Home with two days supplies and extra treats....

floors swept, dishes done, cats fed and the gardens

front, back and sides watered....well water.

The Weather Channel, classics from Havana, online

to the disgusting excuse for a daily, then the emails,

" Suffering fucking heart failure...these people ",

leaving other peoples problems for breakfast.

The Channel 77 comedy channel from City Hall,

with rice,beans,pork..eggs over easy, toast and tea,

breakfast with our leaders....only a button away.

" Too pathetic to curse about...those people ",

leaving thier delay for a smoke on the porch.

Billowing thunderclouds over the Straits, trees

lush from overnight showers, Royal Poinciannas

embazoning thier colors, one less coconut in the

front yard, a twenty year tree noised to mulch

by the City Electric tree trimmers.

" Fell our trees, gas the cats, boil the chickens,

aint paradise grand...for fucking speculators ",

growls the oldman taking his notebook and pen

to the balcony to write about ' it '.

A pleasant breeze in the Florida Keys.

Blue skies and beautiful.

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