Friday, July 20, 2007

Blue skies in Paradise

Greetings from the Hill

82/91 NE5/10 70%H Blue Skies

Finally left the house after a week
of recovering from the excesses...
the body is better without.

"Praise the Lord, the oldman walks,
the oldman talks to his friendly teller,
the pretty asian at Faustos and to
the homelessindianwoman smoking
a cigar on the front porch," laughs
the madone resigned to the SSP.

The situation was one of transparency,
not the view of opaque, nor bear but
mostly Bull...words to describe the
Central Bank and Hedge Fund
conspiracy....Yeh Yeah...them...
'We try harder..
to steal your larder."

My heavens, all this disturbance over
the price of razors and potatoes
and certainly not Vultaggio
nor the Miller girl
4.7 cents per ounce.

"Of course this is going somewhere,
survival, week to week, waiting for
the payout...fifty big bucks."
No wonder he stayed at home.

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