Friday, July 27, 2007

The Dreaded Porch Sale

Greetings from the Hill

The last possessions of thirty years

living with a heart always in

Key West..... old friends and others

forgotten around the corner and

over the decades, dont get out much.

A weekend of socializing and collecting

cash for the pets' limosene ride to

the past, Delaware of an eight yearold,

an oldfriend unseen in fortyplus years

.......adapting after losing a home to

five hurricanes, a cottage to rateincrease

...nothing but disability income

and a way with the flute.

A decision to leave with some where

to go and not be a burden..

A crate in the garage, a sack

for the dog, feeding chores

for a family of drools and

no internet.

The homeless are hurt so easy.

Ought to put Cheney in a crate

to a Bagdad market with Bushboy

selling his bark and sneer,

for a Budweiser beer.

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