Sunday, July 29, 2007


Greetings from the Hill

79/88 East5/10 60% H 653/812

A glorious day in paradise, relaxing after
chores...cats fed, dishes done, gardens
and potted plants watered as well as
the twenty dollar cypress boards.

Enjoying the classics from Havana,
the Weather Channel always alert,
the hurricanes of 2005 forever
in the mind, in the big picture
of postcards from 'the Keys'.

Email examined, comments at the
Globe and Mail....loony parity.
"Sounds about right, the canadians
are as dumb as the Yanks, imitating
all things stupid and expensive,"
growls the madone making
flapjacks with Quebec syrup.

Another sobersunday, drug free and
old and longer an urgency
to discover the evil ways of bankers,
or uncover the hidden agreements
of privatized politicians, not a look at
the statisticians inventions...

"But your'e sitting at the machine..
the answer box about the fox
stealing the golden eggs
under the White House",
laughs the cook in the Kitchen.

The oldman smiled and sat back,
perhaps the land of Oz, funny man,
not as funny as Fake Steve Jobs
or Hollywood Comics......

Hash browns, sausage, flapjacks
and syrup, cuban bread and a cup
of Earl Grey tea on the porch.

On these Isles of Eternal Sun,
a friendly citizen of
The Keys.

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