Monday, July 16, 2007

Grey clouds and an hour long rain

Greetings from the Hill

Blue skies and beautiful again,

plants lush and the iquana happy the garden.

The oldhomelessindian woman

was shuffling and chanting.....

made it rain.

Listening to the 'Powers' on 77,

the classics from Havana,

making up phrases with funny


An oldfolks home on xmas island

richer folks in the park

solar power on Mount Trashmore

a desalination industry

the keys to research.

The oldman was thinking again,

time for the walk up the stairs.

"Fifteen fucking steps to the Door",

mocked the madone about Masons.

He eased toward the balcony...

a trusty threeiron in the palm.

"Jesus Christ Jack...", startling

the soberone at three oclock.

The Iquana was eating his favorite dead.

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