Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Greetings from the Hill

82/92 SW5 60%H 654/811

Another beautiful day, chores

completed with tea and the last

of the indiantreats on the porch

watching workers fuck about

on Moody's Blues across the lane

"Love Lane, a million dollar address

an internet name and domain, the

future is fame", ranted the oldman

after Carter lost, but no one listened

then........before the gay spin, take

this house and sell it to a richer

one of ' All in the 'funny' Family'.

Now you can kiss half a million

.....goodbye to lies, licenses, permits,

delay of office, inspections and those

photos to the judge, compliance is

the magic word......."Do you have

a plan, drawings, a list, a schedule,

permits...", the Waterman rotated

his hands in secret signals and the

judge frowned and told him to

return next season making progress.

" Yeah you horses ass, you'll see

fucking progress when the new

tax assessment arrives ", growls

the madone always been there,

an existentialist martyr for those

of a different kind, a foundation

for a crooked house trying to level

the swindler's road.

Screams from next door interrupt

the classics, the television had timed

out............the porch had collapsed

on two painters, thier screams

frightening the cats, attracting the

curious tourist, the other tradesmen

left in thier vehicles relaying a report

on cellphones.....illegal aliens not

wanting to get involved.

The oldman got his hockey stick,

struggled over and pried the whiners

out and on to the sidewalk as

five cop cars arrive.

He had forgotten about the doctors

report, these guys could have died


And now, other reports.

Blue skies and blue and whites,

the Isles of the Eternal Sun

and a warm breeze from

the west.

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