Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grey skies and light showers

Greetings from the Hill
74/82 GREY SKIES E/5 0653/1735 80%H

Breakfast in the presidents room, rain and open windows,
a cheese omelette, home fries, orange juice, toast and jam,
cafe conleche....the woman below in the suite
waiting for the wedding.

"Something sneaky is happening,and starting at Faustos...
three dollar eggs, four dollar bread, four dollar cheese,
beer holding at three dollars a four pack," suspects
the madone trying to maintain the weekly budget.

The rape is beginning by the corporapists...
the thugs of Wall Street, juniors of Jr., the Jews from Yale,
"Yes,yes..certainly a muddle in the middle of the financial
puddle, but what can one expect from the Prince of Duncedom,
an asshole who leads a nation into 450 billion annual losses
and a fifty trillion debt, this fuck is going to solve the
domestic dilemma...what a gutless collection of citizens
who smile and bend over for a financial bumfuck...
while Bushites flip the fuckees a half dollar for a Washington,"
growls the madone pissed with sadsacks in halftracks.

Doctor Coy was trimming the balcony oregano and offering,
"The DOW has the first big sell signal, computers reacting
to 1250, tangling with the twisted tale of derivatives and
confusing the bankers' greed whose seedlings shade all
dealings in darkness...opaque for this global fake,"
a mysterious smile as sunlight shone through showers.
..."And interbank market making may be suspended...
the dollar sliding to 149 on the Euro, gold to 814,
oil flirting at one hundred a barrel, the yen to 107,
all forcing a selloff of Hedge Fund assets levered through
the carriage trade...Ho Ho, back to horses,"
the oldman sighed and wondered if everyone realized
their global worth was falling..falling....falling......falling.

"It should not be a shock to anyone that reads Roubini,
Kunstler, the foriegn papers of course and not the
advertising rags of the, as the madone calls, corporapists,"
replanting fat stems in new earth, inhaling the herb...
shaking his head, "Now a discovery that FHLB of Atlanta
gives Countrywide 51 billion bailout guaranteed by their
worthless toxic subprime, and that Mozillo gangster takes
a 100million at 32, B of A takes convertibles for 2billion,
the stock down from thirtyfive to eight...just the tip..."
the clouds clearing, blue skies and beautiful,
far away from the fools in commercials and commerce.

"Profits privatized and losses socialized becomes
sleaze capitalism and corporate wellfare, another
public bailout of reckless lenders....and who condones
this criminal financial behavior, ' Where the buck stops'
at the Wheasles' desk..." adds the madone pissed with
the greedy corruption of the worst administration in
american history, condoned by greedy moralists and
offshore patriots, exiles by intent, the true tax evaders
and corporate raiders.......
the corporapists, soulsucking parasites, who are now
draining the last halfdollars under elitist socialism...
"Sound familiar.."

Grey skies and a cool breeze
in the florida keys

"Have a nice day...Eh."

their global worth was falling..falling....falling.


kamama said...

bake a cake , bring flowers , polish the silver , ding ding time out , o ya the wedding ya , a a a a a a eh . mr. brown has cleaning crew coming in , dog has to she has to be groomed , order Captains favorite greenbeans and espresso . hurry before my pennies fall to the floor ,fall thur the cracks of fate dealt out by those coraprapist . blog on

kamama said...

another day in paradise bitting lice no ice be nice