Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunrise on the Hill

Greetings from the Hill.
72/82 BLUE SKIES NE10/150646/1737

Sunrise in the presidents' room, classics and TV31,
settling into the new quarters after a month
of change, dire predictions, and another guest...
the homelessindianwoman found a home
as soon as she can afford to leave.

That crumbling world of the american economy
has sustained through 11/15 without collapse,
so much for honesty in accounting..FASB 157.
Goldman Sachs has the Wheasles' ear, Yalites,
golden socks of Rubin, Thain, Rederbauer, Och,
Bolten, Paulsen....Central Banks of Canada and Italy
"Hey, if you want to be relevant be secret and opaque
with a president on the take."

On the Rock, new town captured old town, change
among the mindless mouths.."Build build, sell sell,"
fucking greedy asshole parasites never satisfied
until the last yard is pooled or paved, all trees cut.
Big Mac the pastor turned realtor again mayor,
"This phoney fuck is as dumb as a Cuban bun,"
grumbles the madone, disgusted with liars.

"What about that dollar, if that ain't a conspiracy
by the jewish bankers and the Ragheads, hoho,
'hey, yanks..xmas presents or fuel oil', and head
offices in taxfree Dubai, fly Airbus, haha,"
mocking the mockery of richrats departure
to the world of sand and glass houses
where all is transparent.

Cats fed, plants watered, floors swept, movie on,
life in the flat above a perfectly kept suite,
the aroma of coffee and homefries drifting
up the stairs, the soontobemarriedone typing
her morning notes of Bill Brown.

"Enough is enough, nothing ends on Thanksgiving,
stuff the turkey with cash."

Blue skies and beautiful.
these Ilsles of Eternal Sun
on the Florida Horn.


JWsr said...

Jack-where have you been? I missed your commentary!!Hope to be in KW early Dec. Should I stop by for a trip to Geiger Key???

JWsr said...

Jack-where have you been?- I missed your commentary-don't stay away so long-may be down in early Dec. should I stop in for a trip to geiger Key??