Thursday, April 3, 2008

Second Season of Recession.

0715/1943 73/82 Blue Skies ESE10/15 80%H.

Greetings from the Hill.

Times are tough...
the oldman walked to Faustos
and home with 25 pounds
for 20 US dollars...
the indianwoman bussed to the plaza
and biked home
on a 200 US dollar bicycle
knocked off in China...
so much for Schwinn

A mermaid swimming through the mangroves
seeking the mariner's cove
and a Cay Club dock
or a Singh's sling.

The oldman was pissed.

Always the same, a fool with money
and no insurance...
no SIV's for two wheelers
when the SUV is gone,
peanut butter for caviar
and beer for wine,
smiling in the sun
with the air in the hair
rather than on
the oldman's breakfast fare.

"Well, isn't that nice...,"
mocked the madone pissed
with the malfeasance of fiscal
roof and pantry
before ostentation..
"Fat ass on a bicycle,
Shitfuck in the carrier,
silly old trout."

What in the world are the banksters doing
wondering alone with the classics
and the man who lost his mind
on FreeTV...
the east breeze bending the fronds,
cats on the balcony
doves on the scaffolding
chickens below...

Bill in Las Vegas
betting the house.

Great opportunities in Water.

"If it was potable
and hot and not
as it still is,"
sighed the happy woman
out on her thrill.

How long does a bicycle last on the hill.

The indianwoman waved on the street
and the dog grinned,
fun in paradise.

"Keeping up with the Gays
ain't like the Jonese's and Martha Stewart
with KMart cottonwear
and unwashed underwear,
it's an elite effete
who style the shoes on your feet,"
shrugs the oldman after four pints
at two o'clock in paradise.

"The Queer's control the Market...
straights in gay clothes,
cunt's in fruitpants,
dykes in jockey shorts,
music by Geffen.."
how many of those pansy's
are putting shorts
in your long pants,"
cackled the madone....drunk.

The oldman belched...
a beautiful afternoon
with a breeze in the Keys,
another four pints in reserve
to ignore the Day's Deceit
"Markit, Markit...
you fucking morons...
Bet on Lance the Looney,
the dark avenues
towards the culdesac ofOTC."
pissed of with ignorance.

Sink the Vandenburg.

Use Big Mac as an anchor
with local banks
as dying bait.

Don't eat local fish.

Don't swim in the waters.

Drink at home.

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