Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Delight

0719/1942 70/80 Grey Skies, Light Rain, Calm.

Greetings from the Hill.

Orange juice and cafeconleche, cuban breadtoast,
chores done but no walk around the block,
a good day to stay away from grumbling
about thieves and liars,
"Right on, oldman...
Enjoy what you got
while you can still walk, Harharhairball,"
the madone cackling
with the light shower.

The indianwoman brought breakfast..
four pieces of bacon
with french toast and maple syrup
from Quebec.

"Hey, oldman, you said Canada was safe..
what's this Caisse de Depot and crap
from Goldman, ABCP's again...
and SIM's,VIES,SFT's, SIV's,
UFO's and the CIA, hofuckingho,"
eating the oldman's breakfast.

Was there no place safe and secure,
no wind in the pines,
an empty beach
not occupied
by tourists.

"You cannot drink in Key West until noon
on Sunday, unless at home,"
as the madone went downstairs
for a cold pint.

The oldman wondered if only the few
knew about Paulson's secret plans
on laws and regulation...
like FDR with Joe at the SEC,
a wiley fox watching golden goose eggs
soon to be scrambled eggs.

Perhaps the time had come for change
but to where and why for what...
to leave a life of comfort for another,
beginning again without a balcony,
no cats or doves, nor clucking below.

"Ah, yes, the dilemma and analemma,
the temperature at sunrise,
for a walk on the beach,"
smiled Doctor Coy
inquiring of his good freind Joe
outposting in Belize,
they had trained together
in the Erasian Gulf.

"Well I think he's the best
when he too gets mad,"
adds the indian woman
with a cold beer
and thin joint
before noon.

Calm and quiet
in Key West.

Save your canned food.

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