Friday, March 28, 2008

A Very Old Man.

0721/1941 72/82 Blue Skies ESE/10 55%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A love dove trapped in the flat,
confused by the clean windowpanes
perfected by the alien.

Next door west,
nervous gaymen
giggled on the porch...
and the roosters crowed
and the walking tourists laughed.

"That bird is shitting on your bed,"
grumpled the indianwoman
with another joint
and cold pint.

"Fuck off, go paint the porch
of the hundred year old woman,"
as the lovedove smashed
into the clear clean glass...
bleeding on the bed.

Eight years of that asshole Bush...
imagine the progress at home
for those who stayed
more than two years
before finding
a TV dream....
Countrywide and Citigroup,
Blackstone and Blackrock
guarded by Blackwater
over the Federal Reserve Dam
of subprime slime
"A dollar for your dime,"
smiled the mortgage regulator
behind your back,
a political hack.

"They are all in together, part of 'it',
always have been, one or the other, Eh..
Democrats or Republicans of what,"
spitting over the balcony
on the rooster,
a dumb Rhode Island Red.

"What can an honest man say
could truth from the common man sway
the merchandisers way...
over dumbfuck buyers,"
sighed the greatone.

Leaving the dove dead on the bed.

Canned beans was an answer.

There was no hotwater.

The weather was warmer.

A breeze in the Keys.

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