Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Sixtyninth Year (69).

0725/1940 Blue Skies 68/78 E10/20 50%H

Greetings from the Hill

The oldman was watching Seven Mile Reef
on FreeTV, listening to the classics,
lush and clear in the east wind,
blue skies and beautiful...

"Happy birthday, oldfart..Your'e still alive,"
laughed the madone with the morning Times
and the wind rattled the chimes,
the cats ignored the gawker
too many too soon would come
the new owners
and what was
will have been.

The oldman was in one of 'those moods',
thirty three birthdays
in the same house
"The same fucking bedroom..
although the adjective might be Clintonesqe,
Harfucking hairball,"
cackled the madone
stoned and now
popping a cold pint
in paradise.

"You see the sun, you feel the sun,
you face the rays of energy,
the solar fuel for blood in humans,
photosynthesis for plants,"
smiled the kind Doctor Coy
on the balcony
with a rare cactus
that blossomed
thirty three years.

The Kid arrived for lunch
the mother was late.

Noontime in the American Subtropics...

The oldman woke up at four o'clock
for Total and toast,
a late breakfast after two joints
and four pints...Goldie Hawn's husband
was starring in a chinese movie
on FreeTV...
oldcat drank the milk
at home on the Hill.

"What's up, oldman...
still breathing,"
laughed the cuban freind
of thirty years
with a treat
for the living.

Conch chowder and oyster crackers.

The oldman was ready for the movie in bed,
On Golden Pond.

An east breeze
in the florida keys.

And the night had yet
to begin.

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