Saturday, May 17, 2008

Red Sunset Depression Blues.

Greetings from the Hill.

0641/2004 76/86 Blue skies and breezy SSW 10/20 70%H

Another splendid day in paradise in the President's room,
cobalt blue skies and lush green trees
thirsting for a springtime shower,
the neighbour's corner lawn..brown.
The oldman watered everyday.

"Hey, how's the new setup," offering pleasantries
for change in the neworld of Kindness,
a radical new approach to Greed
and the peckers of coin.

The oldman had accumulated extensive notes
the past week recuperating from work,
the day of Miss Vickery's wake,
"No noise during the memorial,"
growls the madone
never trusting the engineer.

Seventeen sheets of plywood,
unloaded, cut and screwed
on the second floor
covering an oldman's dream...
"By Order of the Judge,"
laughs the madone.

The oldman never made it inside
reminiscing on the porch
with a ghost and a dream,
such a work of art,
balance, style and color
oversized for the special
centuryold hundredweight,
"Now, look at that, Jack,"
the teacher teaching observaton.

Looking is listening to the sound
of nature seeing color.

"And not listening to rich oldcunts
pretend they're not horny,"
cackles the indianwoman bringing
bread, juice and milk with...
"And I'm out of pot,"
shuffling out followed
by the dog.

"And I'm out of water,"
talking to the fifteen steps.

"What's 'it' all about,
Who are They,
and Where,
When will 'it' happen
and Why?"

wonders a stranded motorist
on USOne.

The breeze rattled the window,
the gnarled poinciana was bloomless,
southwest was the Yucatan,
a thousand miles of water
before Tampa
and The Foreclosure Coast,
Key West had it's own troubles,
subprimes were backing up,
the waters were becoming toxic
"It could get in your hair...
It's in the air,"
mumbles the indianwoman
with a lunch treat.

"Any idiot can figure 'it' out...
a simple equation based on the model,
Smets Wouters 2003 DSGE/AWM
analysing the optimality of stratagies,
a newer model interelates real GDP,
consuption, investment,employment,
real wages, inflation and
short term interest
as opposed to
Bayesian estimation and validation
and vector auto regressions VAR's,

The voice in the hallway of thirst.

"Hey, oldman, what about Janet Yellen
up there (B.C.) with the CFA, Yuck, Yuck,"
sneaking in his notes again..
"Events are roiling US markets,
turmoil in all loan forms as a result of
Financial Engineering and the 'model',
'The Originate to Distribute Business Model'
admitting to 7M subprime in the air,
defaults in ABS, MBS, CDO, and Muni's,
interbanking and counterparties reluctant,
the TAF, TSLF, PDCF bailouts a last window,
blah blah fucking blah."

Walking downstairs with the credit card.

"Investing in Treasury futures using CBOT
contracts and propriety model to identify
discrepancies in value against the yield curve
entailing arbitrage strategy...Yofuckingyo...
all to swindle administrators
and other traitors of Trust,"
sighed the oldman
late for lunch.

"The jury is guilty too."

"The boss is crooked, so is everyone on the take."

"Eight years of Failure."

Stay with canned goods.

The floors are safe.

Paradise ain't cheap.

Laura must be a bitch.

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