Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday on the Sunnyside.

0638/2008 78/88 Billowing Clouds SE5/10 70%H

Greetings from the Hill.

Sunday morning in paradise,
sunshine and shadows,
Segovia from Havana 59AM
John Wayne on FreeTV,
roosters crowing
for catfood,
bars closed.

Clouds drifting southwest
through the front windows,
floating northwest
through the side windows...
"Holey horsefuck, that's a storm,"
laughs the madone
ready for the rain.

"And tomorrows a bank holiday,
the last for banksters and hedgehogs,
the summer of discontent
brewing in the engine's roar
as Detroit gasps 'it's' last...
ragheads stuffing their pipes,"
grumbles the oldman,
a pint before noon at home,
within the law
for now.

"Yeah well fuckingwhat...
that evil little prick won't leave.
A setup for martial law.
Economic collapse
Dollar collapse
Civil war
Detainment of insurgents
Antipolitical actions
Blackstone, Blackrock, Blackwater.
The Kingdom of Duncedom
the reign of Insane,"
limping downstairs
for beer and grease.

The oldman read the Fed speeches,
tried to understand the 'models'
in 'Liz' Laderman's reports,
an admission of intent
by the economists
to dictate policy
beyond reason.

"A fucking mathmatical model
with government figures
approved by investment dealers
rated by subscribers
unknown to all
but an MIT acidhead,
the 20/20 Club,
Bet on a Bet on a Bet
to the last dollar,
the home is gone,"
sighs the oldman
ready for the rain.

Butter on toasted black rye,
wide sliced homefries
with Visalia onyins,
fat sliced Homestead tomato
beside an omelette
of green onyins and cheese
under the house eggs,
another pint,
a roach with a belch,
brunch at noon
cooked by the indian.

Life on the Hill.

always a breeze
in the fabulous keys.

Recycle and bicycle.

Save cans...
beer cans.

Happy Holiday.

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