Friday, May 30, 2008

Free at Last....Free at Last.

0637/2010 78/88 Blue Skies E5/10 60%H

Greetings from the Hill.

No Fridays Lies today...
just money in the bank,
donations for the household,
keeping the lights on,
cats and birds fed,
crappers flushing,
hotless water flowing.

The financial engineer was 'tight',
orders on the Internet had stopped,
the phone silent...
he had spent the week with family,
a rented home in Charleston,
playing golf with Dad,
and brother Jack,
the otherjack.

"He reneges, lies cheats,"
snorted the indianwoman
after a game of cutthroat bridge
in the 'RogoSuite'.

"Of course, of course,"
the oldman smiled...
"Usually off course."

His most worshipfull of shitmaster
took on the judge with delay,
the courts delay and stalled
the system through mirrors
of the secret clan
unseen by the common man.

"Elitest shithead pretender
to the warbase of rangers
and fatass computer scouts
who fantasize of 'Being Crazy'
raising a mob to Madness....
Not a fuckingchance.."
the madone still investigating

The Cheerleader controlled the Mob.

"What could that mean...
a redneck Texas cheerleader at Harvard
snorting coke guzzling whiskey
playing queer mocking Dad,
nasty little pecker kicking
his sissy brother at home
with the ragheads...
No movie I ever saw,"
shrugs the oldman ready,
especially at three in the afternoon
on a gorgeous day in paradise,
breakfast on the balcony,
cafe conleche and a booger,
internet and emails,
perhaps another blog.

The Poinceanna sprouting delicate leaves,
two nights of rain,
green weeds on the corner lawn,
classics from Havana,
a brancheater on the corner,
Canada day this weekend,
Judge Overby dismissed the case.

Blue skies and beautiful,
where Life is the Breeze.

Recycle and bicycle.

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