Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On to the Convention.

0637/2012 78/88 Blue Skies SSE/5 70%H.

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful morning in paradise,
chores done at sunup,
quiet streets and empty spaces,
the June exodus...
evictions to those too poor to leave.

"What a fucking mess for the next,
four lawyers in The White House
can't save this disaster...
and the prick who started 'it'
will be sniffing about,"
grumbles the madone
never impressed with Billy Blythe
after repealing 'The Glass Steagle Act'
making banks conglomerates.

"Now 'this blackman' is pure spin,
a bastard born to a married man
doing postgraduate studies
on a white woman...
who abandons forever his family
doctoring in economics at Harvard,
returning to native Kenya
raising more pureblacks
and dies drunk...
just like Billy's dad
in a ditch,"
snorts the oldman
belching on tomato juice.

Roosters crowing below.

Breakfast served in the president's room,
homefries, cheese omelette, rye toast,
a garden grown tomato,
the oldman was starving...
life had been tumultuous lately.

Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum
in Cape Fear, the classic, on FreeTV,
classics from Havana,
palm trees swaying,
cats sleeping,
the oldman pecking
about politics.

"Truth..gimme some truth,"
shouts the madone
walking out to the balcony,
spouting to a deserted street.
"Barry Soetoro for President
or why not Barry Dunham,
but Obama the bigamist,
shit on shit on shit
on a shithead public."

The white jury convicted
an innocent blackman
not in Cape Fear,
but To Kill A Mockingbird,
the oldman was senile.

The little boy had a new daddy
and moved to Jakarta at six,
learning muslim and catholic prayers,
returning to Hawaii and granny,
the only white female vicepresident
in state banking...proud of Barry Who
and their daughter now a doctor...

Columbia and Harvard then Chicago,
and the world of law and politics,
a black lawyer wife
and African roots
of bigamist Obama.

"Hey, fuckwad.. and you think Bush lies,
read the Fed speeches, fancy shit,
fancier graphs and charts,
FOMC and Satyajit Das,
Superderivatives ragmag,"
not even started
with Janet Yellen,
his favorite fed.

Billowing white clouds
and blue skies
with a lazy breeze.

Recycle and bicycle.

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