Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saving for the Seasons.

0638/2017 79/89 Light Clouds SW15/20 75%H

Greetings from the Hill.

The reddish orange blossoms of poincianna
fill the open west window
against a brilliant blue background.
Thunder roars from Mallory Square,
Florida Bay a menacing grey,
the joy of island living.

Cats, birds and chickens fed,
plants watered, floors swept,
the backyard garden a trimming...
extending daily chores to prevent
atrophication of the soul,
laboring for love
not greed.

"That fucking Bud is horsepiss anyway,
and Joe Fourpack just don't care,
poor fucks just nibbled away,"
snorts the madone fingering the conchtrain
and four passengers...
empty parking spaces,
storm shuttered houses,
summer vacation
for spoiled students,
"And no more drug testing...
Free to Board, Free to Board,"
babbling on the balcony.

It was just one of those days,
the mind full of MarketWatch and Roubini,
Clusterfuck, Asia Times, NYT and KWC,
Rueters, the Economist, the Guardian and BBC,
lovely lies from the WhiteHouse and FRB,
and into the mental blender of wonderment
concocts 'SmoothyShit', the answer
to 'it'....derivatives and credit swaps,
manipulations of the 'Twenty Dealers',
partners in all crime...
"The Fucking Fed,
Clearing Corporation,
and Markit,
the Shadows of OTC,
you'll see when out to sea
on a sinking raft,"
rants the thirstyone
at noon.

The broken shoulder was not healing,
pain kept the brain alive,
those without benefits
alone must survive
or sell sell sell
to pay to die.

America supports her Poor,
the old and crippled,
with a soupbone to stir.

"Now, now, don't be disturbed,
'it' was a dogbone
from the gas shelter,
but who knows next...Soylent Green,"

"Revenge is sweet...sweet crude futures,
all those years of ugly american bucklording
over the little people now fuckbucked
in their big fat asses,"
thinking of lunch.

"Cornburgers for the Chinese,
raw eggs for the ragheads,
barbequed beets for East Indians,
baby seals for Canadians
at McDonalds' McMansions,
America's Bed and Breakfasts,"
and 'it' could come true.

Recycle and bicycle.

Walk for beer.

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