Monday, June 23, 2008

The Forgotten War of George Insane.

0638/2018 81/88 Blue Skies SSE/5 70%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A hot and humid day in paradise,
a faint breeze from Havana,
classics clear in the president's room.

Outrage from Ontario
and photos to match...
"Hey, who doesn't hate the Worm,
who can remember Katrina..
or their mortgage payments,"
snorts the madone watering
the rooster on the balcony.

These young men traumatized for what...
for Oil Conglomerates to return
and suck out $200 barrels for a buck
dislocating a million souls
and destroying antiquity,
"Perverts for Profit,"
growls the madone...
"MadCow burgereaters."

These fuckingassholes have won
and destroyed the American Dream
of the patriot young,
fighters for banker's wars
too dumb to know
that Traders are
the real Traitors.

"Sell a number,
Sell a Soul...."
a baseball agent.
Yeah, that's when 'it' started,
Brooklyn went to LA and TV,
the market went national,
then international and...
"WorldWide Wrestling,"
StupidGeorge's favorite show.

"Is it any wonder," wondered the oldman.

And young men suffered the lies
of baby killers and profiteers
to be crippled for years,
while billionaires fly in jets
to taxfree havens
abetted by regulaters
bribed by crooked lawyers
and accountants.

"We must have accountability
and transparency and truth
in shadow banking," lied the Limey,
that cunt who is rumoured
to have invented those 'things'
for JPM in London
for the Rothschild Brand.

Keep saving cans,
tin is going up.

Bicycle to work.

Don't eat dinner.

Blythe Masters is a Spy.

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