Thursday, July 17, 2008

FEDS fly in when FOOLS fall out.

0647/2017 81/88 Blue Skies SSE5/10 75%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful morning in paradise,
blue skies and swaying palms..
sunlight on the scaffolding,
cats sleeping, doves cooing,
hens stealing food
and chickens fly.

The oldman was distressed
with the US dilemma...

and all regulatory and supervisory
bureaus and bodies
seemed like the RATERS
and the twit Dodd,
with the whole pack of clowns
serving the citizens of DEBTDUMB
seemed not to have noticed
the signs...myfuckingmy.

"But the computer programs were
not modeled for shortfalls
or downfalls,
certainly not twenty per cent,
the FED balances inflation,
absolutely recessionproof,
the American Dream; up, up and away
in you new Chevrolet,
and the stock is seven bucks,"
mocks the madone
pissed with the chickens,
perhaps the two dozen birds
could be penned.

A HenPen egg farm
surrounded by the herb gardens
and tomato fields
protected by the nuts above...
one had to consider the future
when faced with an economic downturn,
dangerous curves
and falling stocks.

"And the price of catfood...
ripfuckingoff the petlovers
time for bulkbuying
and home cooking...
for those with a home
and time......"
the madone hosed down
a chicken on the sidewalk.

The strange thing about the Bush League
is the image of leadership...
not one of distance, hardly aloof
and apparently unworldly...
"Why goddamn, a shotgun riding
pickup truck good oldboy,"
parodied the madone
of a nation reformed from the excesses
of the eighties, Ronnie and Nancy
pontificating 'Just say No' while
everyone over twelve said 'Yes'.

GeorgieBoy couldn't find a wet well,
didn't last long at anything,
failed at everything, then given
management of the Texas Rangers...
a cheerleader who flunked flying
becomes the American Dream Sportowner,
apple pie and pretend to fly,
learn to cheat and lie
from the best...
"Read my lips, no new taxes,"
family ties and family lies
and secret connections
to wealth power and knowledge...
Poppa was the CIA and the China Man
who fried shit in a CFR skillet
and simmered in a Carlyle crockpot,
president at the height of greatness,
living to see a son,
'the blacksheep one'
reduce a nation to impotence.

"Or what...another conspiracy."

Millers High Life
seventy five cents a pint.

Recycle and bicycle.

Twelve month farming.

On the Florida Horn.

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