Friday, July 25, 2008

Bailing out SIV's and SUV's.

0650/2014 81/90 Blue skies SE5/10 60%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A lovely day in paradise,
classics from Havana...
Beverley Hillbilly's on FreeTV,
billowing clouds over the Straits,
cats sleeping in chairs,
the oldman was in therapy again.

"The Sociological Imagination
by C Wright Mills, my heavens,
that's Kennedy vintage,hummm,
reading with color cable, classic movies,
favorite reruns and all those
commercials you hate,
probably smoke in bed,"
mocks the madone
over the oldman
decoupling from americanism.

Wall Street, a classic twenty years ago,
a seven am watch for the unemployed,
troubles and issues begins Mills
comparing private and public distinctions
between the inner and outer man,
the oldman still had his book collections
from the days of 'Camelot'.

At ten, Jon Stewart, then asshole Colbert,
off to Chicago and Nash Bridges,
while assimilating the evolvement
of scientific and humanistic cultures.

"You watch the noon movie on GAYTV,
and TULSA, who's queer in that,"
wondering with a cold pint.

"It's about success, sexuality and ecology,"
smiled the oldman.

The radio crackled and the air was damp.

The television set downstairs
had a volume problem,
just voices.
"Fucking cunts, makes one naseous,
whores and bores, fruits on Bravo,
voiceover on every ad, hopeless couples
using Tilanol and KY after an Arby's,
but listening to that constant hype..."
the oldman was inundated
by advertising idiocy
after five days.

The economic crisis had been averted
so politicians could be with loved ones
counting what was left.

The very idea of government backing
seems appropo of Duncedom,
a collection of lying thieves boondoggling
the braindead masses with dreams
of a better life, a better wife,
complete healthcare, cheaper airfare,
a solution to pollution...
" money for JoeFourPak,
save China, Japan and Russia,
a paper war and guess who lost,
all during the rein
of George Insane,"
growls the madone
who hated bureaucrats,
the whores of political pimps.

Oh, oh, can I count the derivatives
in the shadow exchanges
or off balance sheets
in Over the Counter
and under the table transactions
of the fake opaque...
so many greedy young men
dreaming and scheming
at their consoles
playing outside the Street
in new bourses
with new horses.

"Take the money and run boys,
convert to gold, hide the toys,
and don't come back...
nothing left to sack."

Goldman and Sachs are experts,
they and the others raped Mexico
and now fleeced their own Uncle Sam...

Traitors are always traders.

Grey skies in the west,
thunder and crackling.

Time for two o'clock brew.

Recycle and bicycle.

Don't drink bottled water.

Pee in your backyard.

Above the Horn of Florida.

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Conchscooter said...

Thanks for dropping me the line. I spend happy hours sifting through the dense layers and enjoy every minute.