Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July.

0642/2019 80/90 Cloudy E/5 70%H

Greetings from the Hill.

Grey skies always depressed the oldman,
"Reading the BIS annual report will too,"
snorts the madone with breakfast.

Toasted crumpets and cream cheese,
Total and milk, chilled orange juice,
classics from Havana, FreeTV,
the pipe filled...
"And the good old summertime begins
with fireworks at nine o'clock,"
feeling better.

Tuesday was Canada Day to the north,
"Well it has been for a while,
merely a Dominion with differences,
life appointed senators and a PM
not elected, love that oil price...
the largest exporter to US,
then Africa, Mexico, Venezuela,
then the fucking ragheads,"
grumbles the oldman
always pissed with lies.

A week wearing out the failing eyes
seeking new sources of TRUTH
but getting weary of the same,
writers who repeat and knock off,
mental masturbators...
Jim Daughty is a favorite,
Chris Whalen, Denninger, Kunstler,
Roubini a bureaucrat now,
but not a funnyman since who ???

Really sucks without comedians
when the roof is disappearing
and bankruptcy is nearing,
"Poor fucks going sailing..
yardsaling their treasures."

"Hey, how come China has
two trillion in US reserves,
Japan a trillion, Russia 500B,
India and Taiwan 300B and
the US twentythird with 75B,
maybe its the derivatives
and credit swaps that
no one knows about,"
wondered the madone
lighting the pipe
at midmorning.

Square jugs was clever,
once a few brains are freed
of greed to improvise,
the flag can fly free
and proud,
above the traitor traders
seeking world dominance
through globalization.

"Fucking assholes ruin the farm,
mortgage the home and
whore the daughter
to be a Hedge Fund operator,
with a wheelbarrow
full of money,"
the broken arm

The sun was shining
in paradise.

A refreshing breeze
in the florida keys.

Bicycle and recycle.

1 comment:

connie said...

5:43 am. posted Good Lord yer such a earlybird or was it the roosters peckin at ya brain to get up .
Reguardless great blog as usual , do you want last nights dinner yet ?
Nice rain ey. plants are happy , chicks are happy the worms are not so happy.
When im World Wide Queen Ill get it all fixed back up and we will all be happy . no problem . I can still kick Bushass.
Out of gas but only in the kitchen , breakfast is delayed . Not a poolside morning ey . now where did I leave my lighter this time "
are those hedgehogfunds easy to find do we have any in the kitchen pantry?> dont think ive ever cooked them before. but will give it a whirl ..
nothin like fresh hedgehogfunds ey. lil of my gravy and should taste wonderful .
hm maybe good with cabbage ey/.