Wednesday, August 6, 2008

White Shirts and More Lies.

0658/2007 80/88 Blue Skies E/5 80%H

Greetings from the Hill.

Another day in paradise...
the indianwoman crippled,
wasting away in bed,
chickens eating dogfood,
chores neglected...
no one to help.

"Close the door, get off the floor."

The oldman had no patience
for wagbag walkers.

He didn't like Obama either,
a grinning dildo like Bill
who both were pussy whipped,
cumcheese on crumpets,
smelly snatch eaters...

He'd been listening to
David Allen Coe's 'dirty records',
pretty funny thirty years ago.

Quiet streets without outsiders.

Watching television was an experience
in the persuasives of advertising
still suckering the assholes...
"Buy buy until goodbye,"
laughs the madone.

The Gaussian Copula had failed
as had the Black Scholes model,
the theory of elliptic copulas...pure crap,
an anologue of implied volatility
based on Greek from geeks...

"Housing is collapsing,
state budgets in shambles,
unemployment soaring and
savings invisible..
the dollar sinking,
the bond market doomed
by 'dark liquidity' and
accounting malfeasance..
all shall be saved by
the King of Debt
and the Treasurer of Duncedom,
laughs the madone.

A 99cent breakfast takeout
to eat on the porch
of a Mc Mansion,
summer delights from McDonalds.

Ride the bicycle

hide the SUV.

Watch FreeTV

Listen to Alice Cooper.

Walk to Fausto's.

No breeze in the Keys
above the Horn.

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