Monday, August 25, 2008

After Fay and before Hillary

0705/1951 81/90 Light Clouds ESE/10 70%H

Greetings from the Hill.

Another beautiful day in paradise,
up early and no water..a hot pump,
broken lines beneath the house,
intruding insurgents...
the oldman trimmed the broken pipe,
replaced the fittings and took a walk
to Walgreens, his discount dream,
enjoying the sun.

Cats fed, plants watered, floors swept,
perusing the Internet favorites,
morning notes with breakfast
on the balcony...
Plumber Jack was back
on track,
straight in week four,
sober in week two
avoiding those with temptation.

This week of the convention in Denver
with the Wimp and the Wacko
while the Clintons scheme bringing
Florida delegates into the fold,
and that fucking Bill
and his dirty deeds repealing
the Glass Steagle Act
and....passing during 106th Congress
'The Silk Road Strategy Act of1999 ',
the prick who pardoned Rich as well,
a very evil pair indeed.

"Well, what's 'it' all about besides oil
and all that natural gas for Europe,
China and India...Hofuckingho,"
chuckled the madone at lunch,
a peanut butter sandwich with milk,
the diet for an onlyone.

The lunatic pawn of the Bushbrainers
and their incompetent generals
fucked up again in a miniwar...
"Operation Brimstone, what a joke,
the navy was not allowed in the Black Sea,
Putin pissed on George's shoes,"
cackled the madone following
events on Pravda and others,
his favorite,,
no US bullshit.

IOUSA opened about the country this week,
would the braindead consider the content,
discuss the ramifications of the situation,
hardly likely, whine about the popcorn price
and bitch in the plaza parking lot over
another store closed.

David Walker tried and no one listened,
now with a born again Pete Peterson,
they are trying for change...
not the silly sophistry of Obama,
looking more like a pretentious pansy,
apathy allows indifference to a system,
disgust without disdain,
change by avoidance,
denial of decision.

"Hey, we're all in 'it' together,
let's pool our debt and spread 'it' out,
yeah, debt diversification...
send some overseas to the greedy upstarts
of democratic capitalism,
market populism to the masses,
back to Walter Wriston emulating
Charlie Mitchell, city slickers
spreading financial products
to a global market...
Ah, yes, the free market that
transcends politics and dictatorships,
the great levelor of trade,
the floating dollar,
about to sink into the dark liquidity
of the Caspian Sea,"
mocks the madone always amazed
at the stupidity of gullibility,
a dumbed nation of watchers
who believe the actors they see
are real, the words they utter
are true, the faith they project

"When lying becomes acceptable,
deceit is normal and fraud..
is the law," sighs the oldman
ready for an afternoon walk.

A beautiful breeze
in the fabulous florida keys
above the Horn
beyond the Straits.

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