Friday, August 29, 2008

The First Female Vice President.

0707/1947 80/87 Blue Skies E10/15 70%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful day in paradise, sunny and showers,
morning notes watching crap television
waiting for the surprise to change
Bullshit Boy's concept of 'Change'.

Sneaky John was beaming with pride,
who could ever imagine this script...
the oldman loved this family.

"Hey, she was better at basketball
than that uppity halfwhite boy,"
the madone loved this change of plot.
"What a true American Story,
born in Idaho, moves to Alaska,
dad a teacher, mom a school secretary,
falls in love with high school sweetheart,
a Yupik Eskimo," he beamed with joy.
"Returned to Idaho for BA in journalism,
a minor in politics, back to Wasilia
to marry Todd and raise a family,
Todd a four time 'Iron Dog' champion,
their oldest son off to Bagdad next month,
at twentyeight a councilwoman,
at thirtytwo a mayor, at fortytwo the first
woman Governor of Alaska."

The oldman loved this story
stirring the chicken soup but worried
how the Evil McCain would dramatize
Baby Trigg and his Down's Syndrome.

Blue skies and a lovely breeze outside,
classics from Havana with static,
two year's ago was Katrina then Rita,
now Gustav and Hanna...
10,000 weary guardsmen off to help
while the vultures speculate on oil,
fucking gamblers always betting
in the Great Casino of Debt,
hedged now always by derivatives,
Greenspan's 'perfect insurance'.

"And if that ain't the crock of shit,"
snorts the madone studying Google Earth
and the island of Molokai where
Jake was visiting Uncle Ernie,
the oddest couple imaginable.

"All those ugly bitches for Hillary
will have a problem now, twenty percent,
nasty, pushy, beligerent dikes...
real women will love Sarah and
Michelle can be Queen DikeHag,
hofuckingho, she's nasty enough,"
chortled the madone,
enjoying the possibilities
of social change in the Beltway,
the WhiteHouse would remain white,
and Ferraro could smile.

Would any of this change the course
of the ship of state steaming
towards the Arabian Sea,
DumbFuck's final attempt
to complete disaster
or a bankrupt Treasury
and Federal Reserve with toxic IOU's,
economists dumbfounded in europe
with no solutions to the mess,
Ben and his smartfarts partying
in Jackson Hole...
"We stand ready to take additional actions,
it's not the Fed's job to bail out investors..
we will act as needed to limit adverse effects
arising from disruptions in financial markets."

HohofuckingHo, a big fat recession
is a volcano erupting."

"It is our twentieth wedding anniversary today,
and I told Todd it would be a surprise,"
softening the hearts of talking teeth.

The oldman had passed out before Obama bullshit,
he disliked the uppity halfwhite,
bigeared grinning fool...
of course he hated the party
of George FuckHead Bush.

A hazy day in paradise,
a light breeze
in the keys.

two storms.

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