Friday, September 19, 2008

After Gustav, Hanna and Ike

0716/1926 78/85 Cloudy NE10/15 80%H

Greetings from the Hill.

Back to the fun after a budget problem
and another skirt with the wind,
all windows boarded up
just in case...
of course Bill did the hard work
climbing to the second floor,
then racing home ahead of Ike.

Two weeks watching the unraveling
on Bloomberg and CNBC...
while reading 'The Conspiracy of Fools',
the Enron story and 'The Age of Turbulence',
Greenspan's interesting interpretation.
"Yeah, an applicable background for the end
of summer Bush League, Hofuckingho,"
snorts the madone coming to life.

"Well, well, the week is over, and ..."
sputter the talking tits and shiny heads.

"Changes never imagined in my lifetime,
hardly free markets with shorts gone
and insurance insured by the government,
and who will lead these Changes,"
wonders the commentator in confusion
as the Market rebounds another 500 points'
a billion shares, all that commission
up and down the toilet flows.

Deeper into Joe Fourpack's pockets,
cutting him down to quarts

"Ah, yes...let Lehman go, Enron was 63B,
the largest bankruptcy, this one, ten times
and the unknown offbalance sheet shit,
OTC derivatives, the fake opaques
soon to be uncovered as the SEC
vows to regulate this shadow market,
Hofuckingho... Welcome to the
United States Socialist Republic,
how ironic and no healthcare,"
growls the madone
joining the oldman on pirate wireless.

Ah, yes, the great leaders of finance...
the global expansion of american
financial products after shylocks,
credit is debt, to owe better than own,
charge a yacht or a barge.

Trundle and bundle the tranches
for baby suburban ranches...
toxic sludge packaged shit,
unlike Milorganite,
grows nothing rots everything,
eventually destroying the very fortunes
of those writers, packagers and traders
of borrowed money, the 20/20 Club,
"Horror of Horrors, could the HedgeHogs
short the Investment Funds, Oh Oh,
put a stop order on shorting Financials,
Uncle Henry, Cousin Chris.. save us,"
whine the Goldie Sock gang
who created 'it' all.

Kind of strange how soon catastrophes
are forgotten, millions dislocated and still
without water and toilets, basics..
the JPMorganChase building in Houston
got trashed, the Bush family's hometown,
Galveston gone, save the OnePercenters
and let the others 'Save at Walmart',
the suit and tie elite who run the 'Street'
and fuck Main Street, but that was
in another time before instant cash
and electronic trading and records
are out there 'somewhere'...

Lies from the Traitors,
the Traders of Greed.

New phrases with the uptick,
"You must want to Save."

"God will give you a Piggy Bank."

"Ten Percent still gets you to Heaven."

Recyle and bicycle.

Above the Horn.

Inside the Straits.

In the fabulous florida keys.

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