Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lies Ties and Fingers in Financial Dikes.

0715/1923 78/85 Blue skies E10/15 75%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful day in paradise,

swaying palm trees in the breeze,

cats fed and plants watered,

the odd roar of a motorcyle,

the rooster crowing for catfood...

the opera from Havana,

the Red Sox and Blue Jays

across the hall.

All seems well.

"Yeah, asshole, we are blessed

for reasons unknown, but...

that buthead in the Whitehouse,"

the madone getting geared up

over the disasterous policies

of the whore of Wall Street

bailing out the banksters

and corporapists, trading toxic paper

for treasury credits and Fed fiat...

"The Fuckball keeping Goldie Socks

alive to survive with 'it' all,

the deceptions of derivatives and

the 'Bet on Debt' at the US Casino

with ETN's and ETF's, new schemes

sneakier than the CDS's of toxic slop,

trading shorts through Rydex.."
fumes the madone as the machine
fucks up like asshole americans.

Ron Paul was interviewed on CNN,
'Doctor Sense' who won't support
either incompetant candidate.

Poor old Greenberg loses 20 Billion,
a lot of AIG on his face from
another snot trading derivatives,
"Hofuckingho, insuring insurance
without dead bodies or burned houses,
just evaporated paper,"
growls the madone pissed.

The terrorists have renewed power
with the collapse of Money Power,
the free market is social insurance
for the rich and shit for the public.

Government fools administrating finance,
the Rat that whined on dollar burgers
while sequestering bullion...
"More, more, I need more",
at the Senate Door.

Fagasaurus Rex opening the vaults
to another collection of thieves
to keep the F and F alive,
the fantasy of every sleezeball politician
to be empowered with spending
"Buttfuckers and Buckfuckers".

Houston citizens have no water,
can't shit and don't even revolt.

The steers are hungry.

Time for a third party,
a talking jackass and a senile elephant,
a sorry ass state of affairs.

Turn the lights out...
if you still have electricity.

Walk to work.

Still a breeze in the keys.

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