Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whatever could come next.

0718/1914 78/84 Cloudy SE/5 80%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A strange calm day in paradise,
perhaps the laidback are laidout...
banks unwilling to loan to each other,
short term money gone long,
LIBOR rates going to the roof,
equities plunging to the floor,
no realtors at the door...

"Horror of Horrors, let's lunch
while the plastic's good..
and have fun in the sun,"
laughs the madone
to his friend from Greenwitch.

The Wheasle was on again this morning
acting like the rejected worm he is,
"Embarassing and pathetic",
says Peggy Noonan,
"A defeated bill of the party in power
means resignation in most nations".

But not in the rein of George Insane.

The oldman wondered about this 'thing',
'all about oil' and the money pixels,
electronic transfers at all times
and instant accounting of balances,
credit and debt, transparent and opaque,
cooking books with smoking pens...
certainly nothing was learned from Enron,
the same stupid shit globalized
through commissioned salesmen
under the umbrella of 'meritocracy'
"Boy, ain't that a lovely term,
the realtor, the broker, the banker,
now that's a three headed dog
barking at Hell's Pond,"
cackled the madone.

The Odd Couple, she babbled
while he blathered
like a toothless woman,
where was gaypower
and queerbucks...
another silent minority
in a disgusted nation.

"Well, you assholes, get ready to live
with CHANGE, a new lifestyle,
jailbirds will eat better and no
gas to buy or mortgage to pay,
'they' can save money",
snorts the madone.

"We lost over a trillion dollars",
wails a grovelling politician to TV,
hoping to confuse with fear
and force a vote for 'Mo Money'
from the taxpayers deep pockets
some time in the future.
"A Trillion here, a Trillion there,
soon we'll be talking real money",
said somebody funny,
but there was no jokes on The Street
or in The House as the rats
scurried about looking to find
another disease to start
another plague to begin
feeders off life
breeders of death
Of a Once Great Nation.

King Rat Dimon was doing well,
after all had not JPMorgan
created the con in derivatives
then sliced the tranches of CMO's,
to distribute to greedy bankers,
taking from Freddy and Fanny
then repackaging bonds to nations
like Russia and China
for a handsome fee of course,
"Guaranteed by the USA,
imagine all those athiests and buddhists
buying that bullshit,"
belches the oldman,
grey skies and classics from Havana,
the end of another month,
the financial quarter,
more lying numbers from Washington
and a chance for Hedge Fund investors
to take the money and run
for the gold
"But the Gold is all gone,
hiding somewhere unknown,
maybe in yellow submarines,"
mused the oldman sighing
going downstairs
to check the bullion
in the freezer.

The Mogambo Guru claims the Chinese
government banks are accumulating
vast amounts of gold to establish
a financial system backed by gold
not facetious specious fiat...
clever little laundryman
collecting coins.
By amassing such monopoly
the world standard would become
"Up your ying yuang."
Twenty years of planning for 2020
have been assisted by the Dunce
who in eight years destroyed
a hundred years of progress.

Get your children a Chinese tutor
and a Mexican cook...
maybe a canadian hockey coach.

Things are slowing down in town,
of course it's October
and quite pleasant without
those wasteful extravagant visitors
showing off their wealth,
eating and shitting.

As Deak the Freak would say,
"Two Legged Shit Factories."

The sun is shining in paradise.

Blue skies and beautiful.

A slight breeze in the Keys.

Recycle and bicycle.

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Conchscooter said...

May we live in interesting times.