Saturday, September 27, 2008

What would Paul Newman say to Barney.

0717/1917 78/83 Grey skies E/10 80%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A rainy day in paradise, death is dreary,
the oldman was sad about his favorite star,
but eighty three is a full life
with one woman
and a sultry voice...
fucking with Orson Wells and Liz,
sucking eggs with George
"We have a failure to communicate,"
caused more shit for the policestate
at that time before BushCops
and Homeland Security .

"What would Paul say.."

'"Fuck the Fed and elect Ron Paul,"
but he never said 'it',
tough shit, maybe he was a chickenshit.

Kind of like the two assholes
not debating, not relating,
just kissassing to sponsors
who invested in advertising bullshit,
GE and NBC with Cramer Crap
and talking tit teeth.
Very pathetic ruses for attention
to the middleclass market
with Freddie and Fannie toxic slime.

Arms to be gone
like soldier's legs
in a domestic financial bomb.

Warren Fuckit Buffett and George Soros
leer and profiteer at the expense
of the dumb stupid masses
sitting on their overweight asses
too lazy to question the elected liars
who soothe and ooze the verbs
engineered by scriptwriters
that create compliance...
cows eating cud.

"Well what about the 'Get Rich Quick Thing',
that infomercial on late night, foreclosures,
a house for $500, that sort of thing,"
wonders the drunk at three in the morning,
worried about his gas tank,
thinking about CHANGE
but really chumpchange.

"Sure sure, blame 'it' on the outsiders,
Bush is too stupid to understand derivatives,
Greenspan told him but so what,
he wanted to finish Daddy's War
and be the COMMANDER...
money, materials and manpower,
what an executive,"
growled the madone disgusted
with the smartasses like Uggla,
creating indices for imbeciles
and bankrolled by prime dealers...
Markit Markit Markit
save the crooked market.

Sorryass horsefucks from Fort Riley
caused the Spanish Flu,
this epidemic is from the floors
and greedy banker's doors
who opened houses
to germs in too many bathrooms.

Walk to work

if you have a job.

Enjoy an afternoon nap
and walk the wife.

Enjoy the sunsets.

And a breeze in the keys

Above the Horn

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