Thursday, August 14, 2008

Imagine What If.

0701/2002 82/91 Blue Skies SW/5 70%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A hot day in paradise in a quiet house,
cats sleeping and birds gone,
classics from Havana,
History Channel in the bedroom,
the crippledone in the pool,
life without interruption.

"Interrupt this oldman,
George Insane is doing 'it' again,
that fuckhead is mobilizing on water
for the naval blockade of Iran...
Operation Brimstone,
with all the suckass countries,
even your pussy Maple Leafs,"
growls the madone always
suspecting the plot
behind the plot.

'It's all about oil, stupid.'

"Yeah, fuckingyeah, that oil slime
sends the black bitch snaking about
bribing for missile shields
to surround Iran and Russia
and cut off the pipeline
through Georgia, Hofuckingho,"
pissed off with media lies,
he watched Pravda and Regnum,
barked at Fox and CNN/Disney.

Saakashvili bombs and kills
2000 innocents invading South Ossetia
during the Olympic's truce,
typical US Israeli tactics,
cowardly administrations
and gutless leaders
who avoided service
to war vicariously.

Create the bogeyman fear at home
to avoid the reality of chaos,
unite against the yellow peril..
glowing uranium.

Who wants to know the truth
of defaults and deceit,
the corruption of congress
for gangsters on Wall Street
and bankers on Main Street..
"Hey, those fucks buried FASB,
so much for fair accounting,
not a hope in Hell now to find
about the shadow system
unless reading Markit,
but who reads graphs,"
snorts the madone amazed
at the nerve of the chosenones
of the FED, licensed thieves
for the Treasury at usury,
the Goldie Socks gang
who have fucked up housing
and the loan business and now
will operate the infrastructure,
financing the purchase of tollroads,
the Pennsylvania Turnpike gone..
"Trundle and Tranche those bonds,
own a share of the roadway on which
you cannot afford to drive."

Sorryass saps watching the country bleed
slowly through the summer waiting
for CHANGE that will be
chumpchange if the other is elected...
income tax increases to the already poor,
return of the inheritance tax,
a home sale tax,
all those foreclosures
and imagine Barry Bambi as

God bless America, the land I love,
the people are lost and leaderless,
braindead from white bread,
too much greed in the head.

Recycle and bicycle

Save stamps

Avoid freeway ramps.

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