Saturday, November 8, 2008

Big Change or just small change.

0639/1742 72/78 Grey skies NE10/15 85%H

Greetings from the Hill.

A depressing grey sky day,
ten knot winds for the Power Boats,
a wake at Capt. Tony's
for his fifty years of compassion,
faith and understanding,
the laughing eye of lust
for straights and gays,
"Why Not."

Forty years ago in another age,
the oldman got clubbed in Chicago
at Grant's Park for another's dream
about freedom of speech...
"And the whiteman lied and lied
and told and sold promises
of a home of one's own, regardless..."
Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan,
Bush, Clinton, Bush,
and where is Osama, Obama????

The Four Fools will not exit without
blackmail on the email,
Volker and Rubin with Soros,
"Hey, Hitler had the VW,
one label one brand,
our country stores,
guaranteed by USA...
WalMart, BofA, General Chrysler
and one plastic card,"
snorts the madone,
pissed with 'it' all.

Bush gives a speech, the Market falls,
Tarp is implemented, down 500...
"Oh, oh, 'its' so volatile, why why,"
wonder the talking tits
to the baldmen with zits
watching their ratings
dreaming of Merideth,
the younger and older,
with a body slammer
and a numbers cruncher,
who to believe, who to trust ,
which face on the box.

"The ThreeHeaded Dog from Styxx,
who owns GMAC and Moparts,
and Albertsons, Hofuckingho,"
snorts the madone sipping
warm beer watching
palm trees sway
and staying away
from Capt. Tony's wake
at Joe's Bar.

"You're so beautiful...
you remind me of my wife,"
making Kathy's heart swoon
and 'Mad Jack' proud,
who printed his tshirts for Mayor,
'If you Care', 'If you Dare',
then 'Why Not',
and Sonny McCoy
lost to the barefoot Mayor,
when times were good.

Then times changed with gentrification
and the big money buyouts
of local originality,
"Made in Key West,"
became a gay disease.

TLC, tender loving care
had gone Republican...
Thieving Lying Cheats.

Crooked lawyers and
paid off politicians.

Gullible homeowners
greedy for debt.

SUV's and Plasma TV's.

Sink the Vandenberg
and pay the 'Ducks'.

What fools we elect.

Beyond the Straits
and above the Horn.

In Paradise.

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