Saturday, November 29, 2008

At Home for Thanksgiving.

0653/1737 70/75 Blue Skies SSE5/10 65%H
DOGS 8650 5385 8111 1012 Libor 221.

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful day in paradise, somewhat cool...
cats fed, classics from Cuba, roosters crowing,
the last weekend of a month of Change
yet all seems the same with banksters
the corporapists, gangsters and pranksters,
smooth words with deceit and dissemble
lying in your eye stealing apple pie,
Obama acting in charge, Bush absent...
"Yeah, without a letter from Pop,
another mess, another failure,
this one, the nation," growls the madone.

Fences make good neighbors said a sage,
the Love Lane Improvement Society
decided to rebuild an eyesore
after ruined by their remodeling,
but only kindly Bill
paid for and did the work...
answers are not solutions.

A week watching television, Bloomberg early,
then CNBC, talking tits, suits with smirks,
every day parading the charade of truth,
pretending the puzzle beyond understanding,
panderers to the great coverup...
"Fucking right, three Trillion Dollars
printed for Paulson by Bernanke,
a TARF for the TARP, saving CITI,
sucking Goldman's titty," growls the madone.

A view from a window of the blue,
palm trees prevent madness.

The crisis in spending requires liquidity,
available funds for lending
opening the vaults for 110 Million Households
spending a little over 2 Trillion,
6 Million Households higher up
spend the same, 100T to 1M incomes.
135 Thousand rich shits, 1M to 20M
spend 270 Billion.
"Who dares to care about gas and groceries."

In this socalled newage of austerity,
one wonders if the inhabitants can survive
without prepared entertainment and food,
spectators propagating hemmoroids,
walking to the bathroom,
"The family unit would have to contribute
to each other functioning as a team
in the great American Dream, of course
after counseling and rehab...
the obeisity battle begins at home,
salads and water, fat asses
get no passes,"grumbling to the kitchen.

"The Counterparties have been paid off
with the Fifty Billion or so...
the Default Swaps are next,
'it' will take a Trillion dollars or more,
this situation is global,"
a funny smirk on the old jew's face,
the biggest loser in the world,
his company stolen by pirates
sailing the good ship Derivative,
all AIG on his face,
chatting to CNBC from Key Largo...

History Channel and more myths,
no such thing as the Battle of Bunker Hill,
'it' was Breen's Hill, Paul Revere was gay,
a black runaway slave was the first martyr
of the Boston Massacre,the Summer of 75.

"Fucking assholes beleive their own bullshit."

Heart pains and weak legs, stuck at home,
banks use loan money for acquisitions,
the Bailout a Fallout, Bushshit...
CitiBank gives the Mets 400M,
AIG gives Manchester 25M,
GM cans the Tiger,hummmm.

"The Financial Market turmoil is stabilized,
the Fed is buying the MBS of F and F,
this is a once or twice in a century situation,
conservatorship mortgage spreads up,
there is a problem with AAA paper,"
stuttering and swaying, bobbing and nodding,
the oldman had sympathy for his fortitude,
"We will work to the last day,"
when Geithner takes his job.

And the Markets fell again.

"By securitising the Debt,
the new bond's risk will be spread,"
echoes the ghost of Greenspan
repeating and repeating
until the revolvers come down.

"Spread the debt and insure the couterparties,
concentrate the deal with the few
by the few, Licensed To Steal,
Goldman and JPMorgan,
BofA and Merrill, Wells and Wasitfuck,
consolidation for the nation,
Chevrolet Motors and WalMart,
so much for individuality,
guaranteed by the US of DEBT,"
pissed and popping a pint.

Watching the tourists gawk and talk.

Elections and Thanksgiving over.

Santa Claus is coming.

A cool breeze in the fabulous florida keys.

Above the Straits.

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