Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleeping in the Fifties.

0656/1736 58/68 Blue Skies NE15 65%H
DOGS 8244 4687 7721 0975 Libor 220

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful day in paradise, looking out..
warm clothes on inside after the chill,
camping out in the fifties at home,
no heating no A/C, pansy things.

"Hey, the tropics, frostfree, never freeze,
no need for antifreeze in the Keys,"
laughs the madone alcoholfree.

Blue skies and palm trees swaying,
perfectly clean windows for the view,
classics from Havana in the west room
with CNBC arguing in the east,
fools with fast answers.

The corporapists driving to Washington
to slum for loans from the representatives
of the taxpaying public who have no choice,
politicians who are experts at DEBT.

GM sales down 41% at 153T last month,
Toyota down 34% at 130T,
Ford down 30% at 119T,
Chrysler down 47% at 85T,
Honda down 32% at 76T...

Imagine the worst month since 1945,
Moody rating a C for GMAC,
Smartnotes looking dumb
but seeking the conversion to banking.

"Hofuckingho, the lameduck fuckup,
Carter for Savings and Loans,
Clinton for investment banks,
that asshole with Rubin and Greenspan
created the financial shitstorm,
and now the Halfwit in seven weeks
will make Hedge Funds full access banks
with 50 to 1 fractional leverage,
rants the madone taking a noon pint.

Not a problem, gross income 13Trillion,
against 50T in DEBT,
the stupid government owes 100 Trillion
and the mystery bets in Derivatives,
650 Trillion in the USA and.....
1.25 Quadrillion in the World.

"Now what is a few hundred billion
to save a hundred year old industry,
credit derivatives aren't even twenty,
blame 'it' on Blythe Masters and JP,
hang them from the rafters,"
growls the madone pissed with the Lies.

"Yes yes of course, 'its' all in the VIXX,
the big plays are in options because
of the volatility in the market,
swings of three and four hundred points
within an hour, but the costs are up,"
barking for the Chicago Vultures
trying to keep their monopoly.

"Sorryass shits starting to look confused
about their scripts, GE falling, NBC worried,
CBS and Redstone in disarray and ABC,
and the truth in alphabets...
the Greek of the Geeks has put
Alpha and Beta in Default, all bullshit,
TARP is not enough, add some TARF
for MBS and LDS, initials for Duncedom,"
the oldman was disgusted with FED economists
conned by HedgeHogs...
the looters with short sale shooters.

Idiots in the bedroom gasping on CNBC
over SOC, save our cars and jobs,
but a deal with Getttleberger
who controls the union DEBT,
"My heavens but isn't who is first,
the insurance companies that guarantee
the couterparties, the pools, funny words
for joint ventures, pieces of a DEAL,
a piece of the ACTION,
same old assholes,
and KKR just fucked BELL CANADA,
some public offering,"
sick of words for numbers.

Blue skies and shiney leaves,
silver roofs and afternoon shadows
with sleeping cats in the sun,
life beyond urgency
and anxiety.

Above the Florida Horn.

Recycle and bicycle.

Retire while you can.

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