Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Week before Xmas and the Plants are Closing.

0705/1741 68/78 Blue Skies NE10/15 85%H
DOGS 8828 3860 8850 1140 Libor138...

Greetings from the Hill.

A perfect day in paradise for golfers,
if they likied a lady's course,
silly little 5500 yarder.

Magenta skies through the president's room,
classics from Havana, swaying palms,
the old cat on the console,
the oldman belching on the second pint.

Shopping at the plaza, a busride home.

Living beneath one's means.

A week of watching the voices of turmoil
agitate the roiling markets
and boil the volatility of the VIXX,
amusing how these poseurs of truth
pursue the devil's tongue,
whores of General Electric and NBC,
3 Billion in Iraq electric equipment,
Georgie's Xmas gift.

Another month and the Bushites leave
and the Shittes return...
"Fucking Democratic Capitalism,
same sauce, same patty, same bun,
the price may vary depending
on the cost of shipping,"
hofuckingho Fedex.

"What's 'it' all about, Arnie,"
he never lied,
Jack wore checkered pants,
Tiger sold Buicks,
China's favorite car
and GM closes for the holidays.

Old people are resting in bed
arranging their head
wondering if Goldie Sox
has Santa in a box
of Derivatives to Swap.

"How stupid can the public be,
citizens who voted for denizens
of deceit and default...
trading the Pink Elephant
for a halfwhite jackass,"
fumes the madone
watching a Clinton rerun.

"Tourism is the Number One
business of America," spouts
the CNBC talking tie,
the tits nodding,
Key West business down 30%,
like auto sales,
air flights down 30%
to paradise at McCoy International,
hello daytrippers
and weekends in Cuba.

"Some destinations will do better,
the AARP market will chose
comfort and convenience,
a walk to the store,
a bicycle ride to the beach,
cocktails on the balcony,
dinner in the back garden,
balmy nights in paradise,"
soothes the oldman.

The battle rages in Washington
and Detroit loses to wages,
benefits going to healthcare
and hardone pills,
happy old women waiting
for insurance from AIG...
"Who could have imagined."

Quiet streets without cars,
driving or parking.

Partimers gone north,
houses empty,
no Xmas lights,
paradise lost.

"Seems like old times
before daily greed."

Above the Horn.

Beyond the Reef.