Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Rainy Day in Paradise

0701/1740 74/78 Cloudy ESE/20 90%H
DOGS 8660 4760 8203 1039 Libor 1996.

Greetings from the Hill.

A cool and cloudy day in paradise,
gusting rain with 30 knot westerlies
damping the president's floor.

Classics from Havana, CNBC boasting
it's interview with Jamie Dimon,
"Who tells the truth,"
oozes an asshole gossiper
kissing ass to a 20M CEO.

Ah, yes, a formidable young liar,
experienced in the deceit of Lehman...
had not JPMorgan invented or at best,
sophisticated the swindle
during the Asian central bank ripoff,
added dear Blythe Masters to the coop
of flying Vultures on Air Derivative.

Hofuckingho, selling Hot Air Insurance.

"Erin, you little slut, gushing over Jamie,
your pussy dripping in fantasy,"
growls the madone watching
the talking tits from five to five,
disgusted with the producers of trashTV,
and Jack Welch a guest host

"There is a chance that housing prices
could fall, but it's effect on the economy
will be limited," Greenspan 10/04.

"The use of a growing array of derivatives
and the related application
of more sophisticated approaches
to measuring and managing risk
are key factors underpinning
the greater resilence of our largest
financial institutions....
Derivatives have permitted
the unbundling of financial risks,"
Greenspan 5/05.

"the Market impact of the US subprime
mortgage fallout is largely contained and
the global economy is as strong
as it has been in decades," Paulson 1/07

"It is not the responsibility of the Federal Reserve
nor would it be appropriate to protect
lenders and investors from
the consequences of their
financial decisions," Bernanke 10/07

My heavens, but so much deceit fills
the Recession River it overflows
with Turd Tarps and Tarf rafts,
25 Billion to CITI and JPM,
20 Billion to B/A and Wells,
10 Billion to GS and MS,
3 Billion to Mellon and State...
"Ain't Hank the US Bank,"
growls the madone
as Trillions flow down
this subprime tributary
into the Great Depression River
soon a sandbed.

"Come off this shit, this is America,
nothing lasts very long at all,
a fad, a fashion, a style, a look...
Change on the range, a new pony,
fast cars and slow sex...
marriage two years,"
resisting the truth
of eight years of loss and lies.

Clearing skies in the keys,
lush greenery everywhere,
rain water out to sea.

Recycling sucks,
cardboard down 135/35
plastic 25/2
aluminum 80/40,
and scrap 525 to 100.

At least bicycle.

Above the Horn.

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