Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blue Skies and Beautiful

0646/1739 58/66 Blue Skies N15/25 65%H
DOGS 8190 5402 7378 0915...

Greetings from the Hill.

Yeah, fucking yeah, back in the waves,
goddamn machine is malfunctioning,
WiWi's from ATT monitoring the signal.

A gorgeous day in paradise.

Classics from Havana, CNBC in the East,
cats fed and sunning, doves eating,
below Hilda mothers her chickabees
in Bill's porch garden.

Bill, the neighbour, repairing
the Love Lane fence
for Connie Lee...

PI Bill is too busy to visit.

Economic Populism makes large promises
without knowing how to finance them...
Paulson's Folly..Harp on the Tarp,
then Change to social Capitalism,
market capitalism guaranteed by government
and a nation of Debtors...
"Send the taxpayers share certificates
of invested banks as collateral...
Fucking Bullshit again, Treasury Bonds
discounted at 80 Basis Points,
spliced and diced for speculators,
Tarp Bonds to cover
the toxic waste barrels
transported to Duncedom,"
growls the madone
pissed with the Great Coverup,
the League of Liars,
a nation so diseased with deceit
that all are guilty of the con...
sell shit to family and friends,
anything for money,
make the deal,
feed the need
to play the machine,
get a handle on the gamble,
leverage the odds
and sell the Debt.

"Oh, oh, who opened the door
to the Money Store...
and we trusted the pin stripes,
should have been Joe not Phil,"
mocking spokesmen.

Believe what you see,
not what you hear.


Clean clear windows
and camera's to picture.

A cool breeze in the Keys.

Beyond Insanity.

Bicycle and recycle.

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