Friday, September 18, 2009

Justice in Paradise.

0714/1927 83/89 Blue Skies E6 75%H
DOGS 9814 7218 1015 1717.

Greetings from the Hill.

A quiet friday in paradise,
cats sleeping, doves disappeared,
roosters nonrelenting,
Gregory Peck in a classic western,
fuck the CNBC agitators.

No tradesmen, no handymen
or illegal housecleaners.

Local commentors riled and outraged
over Judge Jones' sentencing
of Randy Wade Acevedo...
suspended school superintendent
by Governor Crist himself,
suspended with pay???
to pay the lawyer
but not his wife's,
the dear woman gave him five grand
of stolen school money
to support his reelection,
"Thanks kids."

A strange and dangerous apathy affects
the essence of the proleteriat expanded
to the lost middleclass...defeatists all.

"Who gives a fuck anymore, the system sucks,
from the city and county
to state and federal,
The American Buck buys the Fuck,
with a handshake and the clap,
the dollar hopelessly diseased,
each day dripping away it's health,"
snorts the madone wondering
if this central bank scheme
is as stupid as Greenspan's dream
of risk management
with derivatives
now contangled with gold and silver,
buyers buying promises
of hot air movement.

The Chinese reneging on the Fraud,
another financial engineering scam
from Lloyd and Jamie...
such clever fellows who manage
to steal whatever possible
from whomever gullible
through big check lobbyists.

Imagine the next cons...
Cap and Trade.
Privatization of freeways.
Securitization of insurance.
Corporate management
of Treasury Funds (already done)
and for all, regardless of age,
Citizen Debt Obligation Notes...
hohofucking ho.

"There are believers
and there are relievers...
so go shit yourself, it's over.
This asshole Obama has lied
to a nation of fools who want
to believe the lies, the dunces
who played the game of DEBT
within their own four walls
and now the basement
is flooding from toxic paper
clogging the drain...
is the insurance paid
for fire and flood,
a hurricane perhaps,
no more Fema checks,
the money is being used for
The Homeland Security Headquarters
on a hundred and eighty acres
within Whitehouse pissing distance,
Obama's personal embassy,
a dime store general,"
snorts the madone pissed,
hosing down a rooster.

This greed for ostentation,
the mask of image personified
by objects, a home, symbols of status,
a scorecard of social standing
in a community of realestate agents,
"Dip or flip, every two years,
onwards and upwards with Greenspan,
and then the little nerd...
until, Oh, oh, the smell of a turd,"
laughs the oldman
amused with the plight
of the mentally slight.

This Acevedo pair in foreclosure,
the Mayor, two commissioners,
the county tax collector,
assholes managing hundreds
of millions of dollars
mismanaging personal budgets,
"Put it on the card,
the government card,"
rape of the state,
bunghole Uncle Sam
and buttfuck Miss Liberty...
anything for MONEY,
"Maybe 'it' was the game shows,
everything deductible,
new cards in the mail,
Countrywide and Quicken,
Lehman suits around the world,
bundling those tranches
with AAA branches,
globalizing garbage
before the stink,"
mused the oldman
ready for a cold pint
at noon.

"These fucking asholes,"
steamed the oldman aggravated
with the property tax bill,
the Sheriff's budget up 30 percent,
School budget up 20 percent,
( Acevedo's embezzlement),
city up 10 percent,
total taxes up 20 percent,
market value off 30 percent,
out of the million dollar club,
the homestead exemption
got millrate trumped.

So much for balanced budgets.

"This shit is just beginning,
leaches in the hot tubs for fatso's,
buybacks for clunkers,
back to grandma's house,
memberships cancelled,
television and beer,"
shrugged the poor oldman.

Above the Horn,
inside the Reef,
Soleris Hill.

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