Wednesday, September 2, 2009


070 1944 2/90 Blue Skies SSE5/10 75%H.
DOGS 92 670 9652 1430.

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful day in paradise,
classics from Havana, lies from CNBC,
doves on the railings,
cats on chairs and roosters
crowing on every corner.

Back on the east side
after a week in the west bay...
change for the oldman.

Bermudagrass growing on the green.

Back to school and the Superintendent
"Guilty on all counts," reckons the jury
in but two hours, Bubba justice.

The wife facing serious time.

Florida's population actually falling
as homeowners flee north,
Key West with more empty homes
fewer children at schools,
"Then why the fuck are taxes up...
phoney appraisals continue and
mill rates escalate, more ripoffs,"
growls the madone,
pissed with cheats and liars,
bureaucrats covering their asses
and benefit free passes.

"The fucking government leaches
in sixty eight degree offices,
air conditioned cars and trucks,
perks for jerks, bucks for fucks,
buttholing Uncle Sam for more,
the revolving money door
to Ben's printing presses,"
mad at noon....
and the Millers man arrives.

The oldman watched another rerun
of 'House of Cards last night,
the story more understandable,
the treachery less tolerable,
the audacity of the senile fool
grinning over his Fed debauchery,
smoothtalking in Randisms,
confusing with obfuscation.

"Did derivatives create this predicament,"
questions the brave young man
to the wizard of financial engineering
who permited this monetary contagion
to infect the economic system
with an unregulated disease
of greed and debt...
Financial Aids.

Risk prevention against default,
insurance and protection
against infection
from dirty dollars.

"Hofuckingho, socialized medicine
will keep the dying longer
in drugged out states
prolonging divestiture of assets,
suck out the inheritence,"
snorts the madone
popping a cold pint.

The oldman wondered when 'it' changed,
was their a time that altered
the conventional wisdom of wealth,
a reason to buy without payment
up front in advance....
finance companies provided white goods
then furniture and carpets,
can anyone remember
the Diners Club card
and life after Lyndon,
the Woodstock Freaks became
bummers in Beamers,
hippies became capitalists,
greedy cowards at heart,
"I need, I want, I deserve,
I fucking I and of course me,"
the mantra of the generation.

Brand names and labels for assholes,
the beginning of something for nothing,
"Smuggle some coke, a free vacation,"
from Key West to New York,
the real gay revolution.

Keeping up with the Joneses
became keeping up with the Gays,
straights had queer haircuts
but didn't know 'it'.

"Maybe 'it' was the cunt's revenge,
all those years of oppression,
the lying, the cheating,
the stupidity of existence,"
considered the oldman
sipping the warming beer.

Talking tits blathering over Sheila Bair
and commercial real estate being
'the next shoe to fall', fucking assholes,
a big boot in the ass,
jerkweed morons flirting on screen
to an audience of gullible goons,
General Electric pitchpeople.

A phoney rollup of stock prices
for the vultures to rape rewards
then short the market down
"To Sixfucking Hundred,"
grumbles the madone,
the traders are traitors
living in a world of quadrillions
where a point is a billion.

"Totally out of control of comprehension,
mathematical models of blindmen,
multinational corporations gone global,
headquartered in New Jersey,
outside the rotten apple.

Bet on a bet on a bet and cover your risk,
hedge your hedge and insure
the counterparties through shorts,
'want to make a billion',
'don't flip your house',
acquire a liitle platinum,
a pocketful of titanium,
and a dash of plutanium,
lots of fresh water and
a pantry of canned goods.

The worst is yet to come.

Above the Horn.

Beyond the reef.

Hardly a breeze in the keys.

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