Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forty years in the Shadows.

0706/1950 82/90 Blue Skies SE5/10 75%H
DOGS 9505 7028 9442 1460.

Greetings from the Hill.

Up early before a sunset walk,
the CNBC gang eulogizing Ted,
always the advertising for oneself,
idiots in the game of fame,
dating only their rating.

The oldman lived the dream of Camelot.

Santa Barbara in the fifties,
San Francisco in the early sixties,
those Kennedy boys with Marilyn
and the pimp, Peter Lawford.

A gracious young mother in the White House,
Jack's sluts sneaking in all doors,
even a Chicago mobman's mistress,
and always Barbra pulling his honk,
while Teddy took his chair
too young but 'so what',
Papa Joe watched over.

The young man had opened
his first golfcourse that november,
"Who the fuck shot Jack,"
wondered a stunned nation,
shocked and numb,
the beginning of media dumb,
Ford presides over 'the report',
whitewashing all,
the mafia and Castro,
the CIA and KGB,
Johnson and Nixon.

"Maybe 'it' was the hippies,
drug crazed revolutionaries,
undermining Camelot,"
said the warmongers.

Lyndon turned white and quit,
leaving Bulldog Bobbie to challenge
the invisible powers of war,
Teddy running a campaign.

The young man was president
of California Graphics Limited
when the blood flowed again
and black and white dreams
both ended with assasinations,
a nation in chaos.

Dark forces and trained killers
adding acid to the minds
of the dumb.

"Who killed Bobby and Why?."

Teddy never asked.

The middleaged man was married
with three children
living on a lake
smoking pot with Barry
when Teddy went off the bridge
and created the poster,
he was a poster king.

Nixon, Ford and Carter pass,
perhaps the curse as well,
could the drunk sober up and run,
at least stagger through the motions
of reliving the dynasty,
"No fucking way, a loser, a lush,
tar him with another brush,
refugees and amnesty,
eviscerate Intelligence,"
leftwinged liberal.

The patriarch of the family fortune
that no one seems to know about,
the bootleg fortune...
"Horror of horrors, the little boy
who saluted his dead dad
died....that fucking curse
that lets the worthless live,"
growled the madone recalling
that week ten years ago.

The Kennedy's couldn't take the Clintons.

Strange how these shifting dynasties
buttbacked by the Bushes
have brought down the House
of Uncle Sam by Uncle Tom.

By the Jewish House of Goldman.

By the Council of Foreign Relations.

By middleclass morons
believing beyond their means
and bankers providing
the DEBT.

Blue skies and beautiful,
hardly a breeze
in the fabulous florida keys.

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