Sunday, August 2, 2009

gotta pay the mortgage.

0655/2011 83/90 SE/5 Showers 90%H
DOGS 9096 6450 9720 1450.

Greetings from the Hill.

The oldman was crippled in bed again,
four Hurricanes and a joint
renders his body out of order
the following day.

Raindrops sliding down the window pane,
blue skies to the east with
billowing rain clouds over nude beach,
perhaps a nudecam
for stayathomes.

Thinking about the Great Fraud
and amazed at the extent
of the culpability...everyone.

"Not everyone, just most...
most of the middleclass,
McDonalds and McMansions
'gotta pay the mortgage',
hofuckingho," laughs the madone.

The derivatives coming to light.

Last year a trillion was the new
adventure into a world of worry
and unimaginable debt numbers
created to protect counterparties
who guarantee against default,
if the stock market falls fifty percent,
unemployment rises to ten percent,
foreclosure to eight percent.

"The Models fucked up."

The World of Quadrillions.

Tony arrived with four hundred pounds
of real hurricane insurance,
pantry supplies.

Sunday morning in paradise,
no alcohol til noon,

Good thing there's no mortgage
on this old house.

High on the Hill.

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