Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love that Bubba Bill.

0657/2007 77/92 Rain and Blue Skies ESE 10/20 80@H
DOGS 9257 7081 9660 1495

Greetings from the Hill.

A wonderful day in paradise,
gusting wind and torrential rain,
blue skies at four o'clock.

Classics from Havana,
Burn Notice in the bedroom,
Tony watching golf in the study,
cats on the balcony.

The oldman brousing the Web,
selecting photos to uncover
and perhaps discover
the Truth.

Watching Current TV online,
the girl is great and convincing,
certainly more balls than
Al who is but money rinsing
through his Goldie Sox guys...

these parasites are all invasive.

"Yeah, check out the directors
of his investment fund and
his Carbon Cap sorryass rap,"
growls the madone
wondering why Bill
saved his lying ass.

Perhaps his service to the country
for two months as a journalist
strengthened his patriotic duty,
while others fought for years,
one of a dozen from Harvard.

Home to Poppa's paper,
then the divinity...

"All for the ratings,"
mused the oldman
watching the reportings
in Mexico and Brazil,
the girl has guts,
trying to outfame her sister.

A day away from the frothing fools
on CNBC, just USA..
NCIS reruns at five
with the roosters.

Kind of strange how Obama
authorizes a mission of diplomacy
circumventing usual channels,
then involving Dow and Bing
coordinated by the common man,
to arrange the old bird's dream,
"A date with the "Hollywood Madam,"
laughed the madone
knowing the Truth.

Blue skies and breezy,
another balcony day,
in the fabulous
florida keys.

Inside the Reef.

Above the Horn.

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