Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hurricane Preparations.

0700/2003 84/90 Blue Skies E10/15 85%H.

DOGS 9409 7032 9504 1454. LIBOR 0450 SP 1010.

Greetings from the Hill.

A very warm day in paradise...

faint winds from Havana,

not even the classics,

CNBC muted for the weather,

Hurricane Anna off Africa.

Tony improving and securing

the Love Lane gardens

ignored by Detective Bill,

off with another dream,

chasing another's scheme.

Two months along without a storm,

not even springtime showers,

the only thing flooding

the drains is money,

Obama Money...

Junker money,

an antique honey,

but mostly american trucks

traded for japmachines.

"Hey, HalfWhite, you dumb shit,

Mister Chicago School of Economics,

Professor of Constitutional Law,

son of two doctors who

bred a bastard,"

growls the madone

pissed with the fraud,

disgusted with an actor

imitating an African American.

"That's enough of the disgusting rants,

and I hate double spacing and machines

I do not understand,"

growls the oldman.


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