Tuesday, July 28, 2009

welcome the weather channel!

0652/2015 77/87 Showers NE 10/20 80H%

DOGS 9092 6854 9360 1366 LIBOR 0.50

Greetings from the Hill.

A perect day in pardise, lush greenery everywhere,
that smell of tropical air...
a marvelous day to open the beach,
naked butts seeking salt water,
and Famous Al here
to share 'it' all.


"A five star destination Fat Farm,"
laughs the madone thinking about
little obeise piggys and parents
discovering 'the cure' in Key West,
then running tanned and trim
down a white sand beach
at sunrise.

Viagra is against the Law.

All Curing Homes are licensed,
inspected and permitted,
photographed and filed
before receiving
state tax accounts.

Topless Only.

"Donny said no genitals
of either sex exposed,
tits are good, no hardons,"
explained Sergeant Rodregish
to the local media,
referring to the chief of police,
the first of his kind,
and gay as well.

The Mayor loves to see his wife naked,
"But no one else to covet,"
he claims that nudity should be
at home under a roof
not in public.

The Editor of " The Other Paper",
makes no comment of opinion.

The Candidate for Mayor,
a title in itself.....
Sonny McCoy the most.
Capt. Tony five times
and now, Sloan for Mayor,
if you care,
if you dare,
if you want to share....
A Nude Beach.

A Town Divided...sandels seperated.

The showers end, a light breeze.

Sunshine and blue skies

In the Florida Keys.

Inside the conch horn
abandoned on the beach.

Eighty degrees at noon.


Love Lane of Key West said...

HofuckingHo im headed for the beach nude on my bicycle

Conchscooter said...

I hope the fence at the end of Samthers will be low enough I can peak over while passing on my motorcycle.