Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tranched Apple Pie from a Binomial Tree.

0650 2016 84/90 Cloudy,Rain E10/15 70%H.
DOGS 8855 6415 9470 1354.

Greetings from the Hill.

Rain, thunder, lightning, and sirens,
the quivering voice of Bernanke on TV,
politicians ingratiating to the mystery
that not one wishes to investigate.

"They brings the covers to hide the body
from the gawking eyes of publicans,
who do not want to know the name,
see the face, hear the crime...
assholes deserve rats like Rattner,
a suckass bumboy for Bloomberg,"
rants the madone knowing about
the weasle's work as bagboy
for the HedgeHogs,
the plunderers
of pension funds.

"It can all be settled with transparency
rather than private, secret, hidden
accounting of offshore assets...
hofuckinghoho, tell that to banksters,
gangsters with shiny shoes and heads."

A weekend read of BIS#79 2008,
explains the situation with clarity,
but to accept the facts is to find
the fuckheads that perpetrate the crime.

"Not a crime, not regulated by the SEC,
crooked lawyers guiding every step,
steering the Golden Ship through all
the naked shorts, the put and call,
the Weinberg barge of one hundred years,
from Sidney and John Whitehead
with FDR and the War Board, Ford's IPO,
John L. and the investment dealer
of Treasury Bonds and partner
in the world of takeovers and buyouts,
John the third W, a token officer
earned but 22Million at Goldie Sox,
where 30T average 880T....
a lot of taxes for NYS,"
muses the oldman working on the bed,
away from the torrential rain,
flooding streets driving tourists
to discuss the economy in bars.

"Go fishing with the mayor,
maybe dive on the Vandenberg,
the 8million dollar destination
and five star fish hotel,
allowing morons to manage money
might be a cause of the crisis...
unable to manage at home,
these incompetent blowhards
determine the operational funds,
select the bond agencies and
manage balanced budgets...
fuck everything up and leave,
real estate values collapse,
appraisals are cut, equity diminished,
and the millrate increased...
crooked government
is a local thing.

Another interesting read was from
FRBSL, a Financial Crisis, Timeline,
absolutely amazing the available knowledge
of the situation but the failure to act,
this collection of economists at the Fed
must be an odd group.

Those things that will not go away,
Greenspan's beautiful balloons,
algorithms, simple equations projected
into ifwhats, couldbes, watchouts,
then beautified into mathematical models.

Probability Theory, Stochastic calculus,
IR correlation, Montecarlo, PRAM, DMM,
and the oldman's favorite by Simon Shaw,
the Binomial Tree, a primer for politicians,
shaking out the leaves and it seems
so much of that derivative shit came from
Cambridge...Hello Hello, where that cunt
from JP Morgan learned her numbers.

Also noticed over the weekend Jamie Boy
cashed some options for 20 or 30 Million,
must be buying some Goldie Sox.

How nice to know the investment bankers
are policing themselves with a fancy report
rationalizing past behavior and covering
the dead trades with granny's opaque blanket.
These lying pricks are protected by the media,
CNBC, owned by GE, one of the gang...
As William K Black offers, "The leaders
are scared shitless the public will learn,"
another exsupporter of Obama,
"Unfortunately this president has reneiged
on his promises and changes, becoming
more reckless than Bush, plunging the nation
into depths of Debt, financial quicksand."

Midday, storms over, blue skies, light breeze,
roosters crowing on all corners,
entertaining tourists.

A beautiful day in paradise,
"Turn those gasping gushing dresses off,
and that fraud Santelli,"
snorts the madone ready for a walk
in the tropical sun and beneath
the royal poinciannas gone green.

Buy canned goods,
grow mushrooms,
store potatoes.

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