Monday, July 13, 2009

Chasing down those derivatives.

0646/2018 81/88 Cloudy and Showers E/5 75%H
DOGS 8286 5939 9205 1275.

Greetings from the Hill.

A cooler day on the balcony, a few showers,
keeping the birds under the house,
an investigative day tying in the notes
from the beginning of the Blog.

"Where do you come up with this shit,
sometimes 'its' before the mainstream,"
wonders the madone being polite,
throwing catfood in the garden
for the chickeebees.

Tiny Tim wanted to be a tennis star but..
"The theft began at home,
stealing from the kitchen for the garage,
borrowing from the bedroom for the backyard.
The dream couple became the working couple
and the lies began...
the homemaker became the commuter,
household incomes were coupled and
granny moved into the basement,
spoiling the kids, buying their clothes
with her social security money,"
Tim could be honest, he suffered,
"The dumb dick wasn't getting anywhere,
watching TV, sucking beer,
couldn't get 'it' up until Viagra."

The dream was a nightly passout
as the American Hero wasted away.

A smart limey cunt with a big mouth,
"In bypassing barriers between
different classes, maturities, ratings
and debt seniority levels,
credit derivatives are creating
enormous opportunities to exploit
and profit from associated discontinuities
in the pricing of credit risk, Ha ha ha,"
she laughed to Bill Demchak, Peter Hancock,
Terri Duhon all wasted out of their skulls,
you had to be, it was the old Pothead's
funny way of talking, Fedspeak.

The magic of Objectivism.

So the wiseasses packaged the first deal
pooling 300 loans of 10billion,
"Let's call them Super Seniors,
for a better rating and an exotic label,
a broad index securitised offering,
BISTRO," offered Romita Shetty,
sucking on the columbian gold,
after all they were in Miami.

Acronyms and financial engineering.

"Hey, I know this greedy wop at AIGFP,
he will do anything to get laid...
Joey Cassano, something like that,"

Imagination is funny when one is high.

Of course some people are just sour,
all the different chairs they sit in,
the hats some get to wear
seem to change nothing.

The children often react doing things
just because they can.

"That fucking George, son of George
just kicked out the sheriff and let
the country go to Hell and Hot money,
detirmined to ruin the nation
and end the American Dream,"
growled the madone wondering
how these foreign cunts
outsmarted the jews on Wall Street,
maybe they were spys from
the chinese branch
of the Rothschild family.

Too tired to walk, take a train ride
and think about things in the head...

"Hope..leaves us to invent new fixes
to old messes, elects politicians
with the biggest empty promise,
like greed, fuels the engine of capitalism,"
Margaret Atwood.

"Too many generations that believe
that if they bend over and grunt hard enough,
they'll magically shit gold coins
and pay off their debts."
hofuckingho, too funny.

"Junior AARP's looking at harps,
the last party, the big heart attack,
fat guts, boats, trophy wives
and crumbling McMansions.....
the fuckup was insured
with AIG."

Wannabees, fat hags in denial,
epistomologically unsound.

A note from the geniuses at the Fed.

More than twenty years ago, Hyman Minsky
proposed a financial instability hypothisis,
arguing prosperous times can induce
borrowers to accumulate debt,
beyond their ability to repay
out of current income....
leading to financial crisis
and severe economic contractions.

All since the little lady went to work.

And left the kitchen.

Above Solaris Hill.

Blue skies and beautiful.

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